Can Carriers Handle a Low-End iPhone?

There is a good discussion happening online at the comment that I want to comment on. Horace Dediu has written several good pieces on the job the iPhone is hired to do. In his latest installment he looks at the …

by Ben Bajarin   |   April 23rd, 2013
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Poll: PC Purchasing Intent

Whether you are in the market for a new PC or not, we would love to hear your feedback on what is keeping you from upgrading your current PC. Feel free to fill in your answer if it is …

by Ben Bajarin   |   April 23rd, 2013

The PCs New Role as an Appliance

I have written and spoken often about my conviction that the role of the PC is changing. The personal computer as defined by a desktop and clamshell form factor was, for many years, the only PC in our lives. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   April 22nd, 2013
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The PC Industry of the Past Is Not the PC Industry of the Future

We are, without question, an industry in transition. The 500 lb. gorillas who once dominated the technology industry are experiencing and undergoing major transitions and a new type of growing pain. And for many, this is extremley painful. These titans …

by Ben Bajarin   |   April 19th, 2013

The HTC One: Setting a New Bar for Android Phones

I’ve been using the HTC One for a few weeks now as my primary smartphone and I have to say it is an impressive device on many levels. The HTC One is undoubtedly the best Android device I have …

by Ben Bajarin   |   April 10th, 2013

Thinking About The Future of TV All Wrong

I’m convinced that most of the commentary from the pundits and speculators around Apple TV and the future of TV in general is all wrong. There are some bits that I think have merit. Thinking about channels as …

by Ben Bajarin   |   April 8th, 2013

Samsung is Stepping Into the Spotlight

Something very interesting is happening and I will be very interested to see how it plays out. Samsung is stepping into the spotlight and arguably taking it from Apple. Apple for the past 10 years, or more, has been the …

by Ben Bajarin   |   April 2nd, 2013

The Best Innovations are Still Ahead

I enjoy technology industry history. After the dot come bubble burst, I had a conversation with the then-CEO of National Semiconductor, Brian Halla. He’s also a tech history connoisseur and he explained to me what is called the Boom Bust …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 25th, 2013

The Challenge for Smartphone Makers in 2013

I believe we are in new territory for smartphone manufacturers. Although its true that there are still many people on the planet who do not yet have a smartphone, the reality is that the most mature markets are reaching …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 22nd, 2013

Is It a Watch or Something Else?

I was asked to come onto the CNBC Closing Bell segment to discuss the smartwatch hype and rumors. I’m on with my friend and analyst colleague Roger Kay, so that is why he took a friendly jab at me. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 19th, 2013

Will Android Tablets Pass iPad in 2013?

The technical answer is yes. Android AOSP (Android open source project) meaning Android code that can be freely taken and used will be installed on more tablets than iPads in 2013. But the story isn’t that simple or …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 13th, 2013

Startup Highlight: Automatic

Yesterday a company named Automatic launched a very interesting product. They launched a smart driving assistant. Its a product that further emphasizes the point many of us at Tech.pinions make around the smartphone becoming the hub of our digital lives. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 13th, 2013

Dell’s Thinking Outside the Tablet

What is a tablet? Sorry to get philosophical but I think this is an interesting question–especially of late. I sensed from the first early glimpses I got of Windows 8 that we would see hardware that would cause us …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 13th, 2013

Understanding Android Activations

There are some questions that are worth spending the time to understand. Part of this lure may be due to the elusive nature of how Google reports Android. They make it sound like the game is over, they have already …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 11th, 2013
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The App Developer Dilemma

A lot of great data came out yesterday that I believe is worthy of a deeper look. In my opinion, this data begins to shed light on some of the key questions I have had around platform engagement.

Flurry released some …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 7th, 2013
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Speaking of Tablets

I spoke at the TabTimes conference in February, but I also spoke at one in November in New York. The February video will be up soon but in the meantime I wanted to share some highlights from the November …

by Ben Bajarin   |   March 4th, 2013

Apple is the World’s Most Valuable Player

As you may recall, the late Steve Jobs was said to have a reality distortion field in the way he saw the world. It was articulated that Steve would create alternate realities which were actually distorted realities. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 28th, 2013

Google or Microsoft? That is the Question

If you are a technology company—not named Apple—then the answer to this question is vital to your future. The fact of the matter is that all technology companies, other than Apple, do not solely control their own future. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 26th, 2013

The Invasion of Cheap Tablets

Given the massive market demand for tablets and the fundamental shift in consumer sentiment from PCs to tablets, it was only a matter of time before the tablet race to the bottom took place. I wrote about how this was …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 25th, 2013

Live the Future Now

By nature of what I do for a living, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. As a part of that exercise I like to employ a tactic I call live the future now. I’ll explain. Part …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 22nd, 2013

Apple’s Penchant for Sophisticated Simplicity

I mentioned in an earlier column that I had finally figured out why iOS is the mobile operating system of choice for me. I take the time to objectively look at all the flagship devices on the market. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 19th, 2013

Putting Tablets to Work

Tablets are rapidly becoming an integral part of many work forces. Fortune 500 companies are deploying them in the tens of thousands and small business everywhere are integrating them into their workflow. The myth that you can’t be …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 16th, 2013

Should Apple Make A Larger iPhone?

There has been chatter of late around Apple’s plans for the iPhone. Some suggest they need to make a more affordable version of the iPhone. Notice I didn’t say cheap. The logic for a more affordable …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 11th, 2013

The Galaxy Note 2: One Giant Step for Android Phones

If you have read much of what I have written here or at TIME, then you may be surprised at some of the conclusions my analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have yielded. I have not been shy about …

by Ben Bajarin   |   February 8th, 2013

I’ll Take My Hardware With a Side of Software

Despite some people loathing CES, I actually happened to enjoy the show this year. I go to CES mostly to meet with our clients, gather data and market intelligence, and search for trends. CES always includes hidden gems; you simply …

by Ben Bajarin   |   January 28th, 2013