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Are the Latest 10”+ Android Devices DOA?

I’ll admit it, I have a love-hate relationship with Android. I love it as a phone choice, love it on 7” tablets, but think it provides a lousy experience on anything 10” display and above. I’m not alone …

by Patrick Moorhead   |   June 4th, 2013
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Why We Keep Hearing About “Internet of Things”

I must admit I’m really excited about all the dialogue surrounding the Internet of Things. I’ve spent the last eight years focusing on the Connected Home, and now I’m finally seeing some of the use cases from my old …

by Nate Williams   |   June 3rd, 2013
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Platforms, Market Share, Profits, and the Future

If anything, John’s column on Android’s market share has stirred a good discussion around the market share vs. profit share debate. Some may argue that this discussion isn’t relevant to end consumers who really don’t care. To that …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 31st, 2013
Tim Cook at D11 (Asa Mathat/All Things D)

Apple’s Insularity Could Get Dangerous

It started with a question I asked Apple CEO Tim Cook during his presentation Tuesday at the D11 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Noting that Microsoft and Google offered cloud solutions that provided access to a wide variety of …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 30th, 2013
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4 Mobile Business Models, 4 Ways To Keep Score

The hundred meter dash, archery, weightlifting and the long jump are four very different Olympic sports with four very different methods of keeping score. The hundred meter dash is scored on speed. Archery is scored on accuracy. Weightlifting is scored …

by John Kirk   |   May 30th, 2013
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Trying To Love Windows 8

I’ve been using Windows 8 in one form or another for well over a year and I keep hoping that it will become as comfortable as every other version I have used, going back nearly a quarter century to Windows …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 29th, 2013

Platform Wars: Some Things Will Never Change

Regular readers of Tech.pinions will know that John Kirk’s column last week on Android’s market share being a joke, went massively viral. As I watched the stats of real-time visitors and new hourly spikes of traffic I was truly amazed. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 28th, 2013
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Microsoft and Google’s Game of “Office Chicken” is Just Alienating Users

Google and Microsoft are battling it out on a lot of fronts, but many times there is little collateral damage to end users. Unfortunately, in a few cases, end users have been cast aside in the …

by Patrick Moorhead   |   May 28th, 2013

The Dividing Line Between Human and Replicant Already Happened

In the film, Iron Man 3, the good guys encase themselves in tech. The bad guys put the tech inside their bodies. This is telling. Hollywood – and most of America – remains oddly uncomfortable with the notion of technology …

by Brian S Hall   |   May 27th, 2013
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The Perils of Market Share

If you’re on this site, you probably know we have had a lively debate going on for the past couple of days about the meaning and value of market share in the smartphone market. I thought it might be valuable …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 24th, 2013
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Apple vs. Android: The Open Factor

Judging by the comments on John Kirk’s post “Android’s Market Share Is Literally a Joke,” we are well into another operating system religious war. As is always the case in religious wars, it’s tough to make sense of the the …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 24th, 2013

Why Google is Not the New Microsoft

My history with the PC industry is very long. I got to work on the original IBM PC with Don Estridge’s team in Boca Raton and saw up close and personal how the PC industry developed and how the value …

by Tim Bajarin   |   May 24th, 2013
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Apple and the Washington Shakedown

Columnist Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner has a good article on Apple’s problems in Washington, well worth reading is you want to learn something about how the capital really works.

In the popular view of political corruption, lobbyists and PACs shower politicians with …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 23rd, 2013
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Android’s Market Share Is Literally A Joke

This is the first of three articles looking at how we measure – and mis-measure – who is “winning” in the mobile sector. Article one focuses on market share and was inspired by an article written by Bill Shamblin, entitled: …

by John Kirk   |   May 23rd, 2013

How Android Vendors Can Compete With Samsung

The initial title of this article was going to be “How HTC can compete with Samsung.” Then I decided to branch it out and make a point that is relevant for HTC but also for all Android handset vendors …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 22nd, 2013

Why Microsoft Can Win the Living Room

As Ben Bajarin pointed out in his post here yesterday, Microsoft’s Xbox One is a whole lot more than a game console. Of course, the Xbox has long been the leading edge of Microsoft’s effort to dominate digital home entertainment. …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 22nd, 2013

Apple’s Right Not To Pay Taxes

The Tech.pinions Adio Minute, Today’s topic:

The Senate can grumble, but Apple is just taking advantage of what Congress has given it.


by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 21st, 2013

Xbox One and the Future of the Digital Living Room

When I started my career as an industry analyst in 2000, my focus was on the video game industry and the digital living room. We had a belief that at some point in the future rich media and …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 21st, 2013

SKAA: Better Than AirPlay and Bluetooth for Premium Wireless Audio?

Wireless audio speakers and headphones are growing as a consumer category.  Best Buy has 192 different “wireless speakers” on their website, Amazon, 400.  The growth in wireless audio was helped by the growth of the premium music headphone phenomenon, started by …

by Patrick Moorhead   |   May 21st, 2013

The iPhone and the Death of the Mid-Tier Smartphone

I’ve been a consumer device analyst for long enough that I’m usually pretty comfortable calling things as I see them, but sometimes there is simply no substitute for hard data. Current Analysis tracks U.S. device pricing for phones and tablets, …

by Avi Greengart   |   May 20th, 2013

Microsoft is Missing Apps the Same Way They Missed the Early Internet

It seems odd to me that Microsoft of all companies is so drastically behind the curve when it comes to apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. When you think about it, Microsoft of all companies was in the …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 17th, 2013

Google’s Android And The Path Not Taken

Yesterday, Google held its I/O keynote address. Ben Thompson of “stratēchery” has written an excellent article entitled: THE ANDROID DETOUR. I highly encourage you to take the time to read it. I’m going to re-state and build upon his thoughts …

by John Kirk   |   May 16th, 2013

A Significant Product Differentiation

Philip Elmer-DeWitt is calling him the man who figures Apple is worth $240 a share. I read his blog post and dove into his theory of ROIC. Something he said stood out to me.

Without significant …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 15th, 2013
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Trouble in the Cloud: Lessons from AP and Bloomberg

Its been a bad week for the cloud. Businesses of all sizes are under a lot of pressure to save money by moving IT operations into the cloud. for many companies, it can be a lot cheaper and more efficient …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 15th, 2013

Only Apple Can Play Apple

It has been a challenging few days in the press for the Microsoft camp. In a positive move, Tami Reller, CFO and head of marketing for Windows, gave more details on how many Windows 8 licenses had …

by Patrick Moorhead   |   May 14th, 2013