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The One Where Brian Is Wrong About Everything

Please allow me to introduce myself…

You likely don’t care and would not believe the volume of blog posts, research reports, technical writings and analyst studies I sift through on a daily basis.

This is necessary both to stay informed and to …

by Brian S Hall   |   May 26th, 2014

Microsoft Is At War With Itself

On Tuesday, May 20, Microsoft held an event to unveil the Surface Pro 3 Tablet. You can view the webcast here.1 NOTE: The quotes, below, are time stamped so you can locate them on the video.

I am breaking my coverage …

by John Kirk   |   May 24th, 2014

The Tech.pinions Podcast: Microsoft Surface Pro 3, HP Tablet, Google Ads

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Tim Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell, and John Kirk debate the pros and cons of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3, discuss the potential impact of HP’s new $99 7″ Android tablet, and ponder Google’s announced …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 24th, 2014

Why the Surface Pro 3 is a Problem for Microsoft’s Partners

I watched the launch of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 this week with great interest. Microsoft’s decision to enter the hardware business has been a double edged sword for them. On the one hand, they were able to use the …

by Tim Bajarin   |   May 23rd, 2014
Tijera cortando una soga,concepto peligro

The Tension Between Apple’s Customers and Shareholders

Apple has been a phenomenally successful company over the past 15 years, releasing three new product lines which revolutionized the markets they entered and drove enormous growth and profits for the company. Shareholders have benefited enormously too, as revenues and …

by Jan Dawson   |   May 22nd, 2014

The Subscription Economy Is Sending Me To The Poorhouse

[UPDATE: See below]

Technology is supposed to make our lives better. Shouldn’t we demand the same from business models? Sadly, it seems as if today’s bleeding edge innovations in business and retail are in — pricing. Yes, pricing. The chief …

by Brian S Hall   |   May 21st, 2014

The Technological Divining Rod

Finding what you are searching for can be a challenging task particularly if you aren’t entirely sure what you are searching for. Such is the case in the world of hardware devices, where companies seem to be struggling to figure …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 20th, 2014

I Will Never, EVER Buy An Oculus Rift

Roughly six out of seven people in the world don’t use Facebook. Count me in that group of six. I’ve never been a fan of it. When I think of Facebook, I think of a club. Not a social group, …

by James King   |   May 19th, 2014

The Tech.pinions Podcast: Sony, Blackberry and Apple/Beats

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Tim Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell, and Ben Bajarin discuss Sony and their challenges, Blackberry and their challenges and the potential deal between Apple and Beats.

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If you happen to use …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 17th, 2014
Advertising and marketing creative concept

Why Apple Needs to Get Better at Ads

Apple needs to get better at ads. Not its own ads, but its ad product for third parties. Why? Well, a couple of reasons: streaming audio and streaming video.  The challenge is advertisements don’t come naturally to Apple. But it’s …

by Jan Dawson   |   May 15th, 2014
tablet with the economic schedule in hands

The Early Days of Tablet Computing

Much is being talked about and speculated regarding the tablet market. Analysts are adjusting forecasts downwards and pundits are claiming the tablet’s run is over. While we are certainly at an inflection point for tablet computing, the run is far …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 14th, 2014

Computing in the Cloud

The move to cloud-based computing models and cloud-based services continues forward at a breakneck pace. Seemingly everything is migrating to the cloud and along with that transfer there seems to be an assumption that the local capabilities of attached client …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 13th, 2014
Ferrari EGO Concept

Please Silicon Valley. Do Not Turn The Car Into Another Boring Box.

We stand at the intersection of the Internet of Things and the Connected Car. Soon, Cortana shall summon to us a driverless, fully autonomous vehicle, shared by the community, owned by no one, that will safely transport us to our …

by Brian S Hall   |   May 12th, 2014

The Tech.pinions Podcast: Intel Chromebooks and AMD Architectures

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Tim Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell, and Ben Bajarin chat about the introduction of both new Intel Core i3-based Chromebooks and AMD’s ambidextrous computing architecture, which offers the option of ARM or x86-based CPUs.

Click here …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 10th, 2014
man hand with smartphone

Will Smartphones Consolidate or Fragment?

With the emergence of wearables as a new device category, we’re witnessing a shift of certain capabilities of the smartphone to separate devices that extend its functionality beyond the device itself. Is this part of a broader shift or a …

by Jan Dawson   |   May 9th, 2014

Another Bite Leaves the Old Apple Core

The central core of Apple executives has mostly remained intact since Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1996. But Katie Cotton, senior vice president for worldwide communications, announced yesterday she is retiring after 18 years.

Unlike figures such as marketing …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   May 8th, 2014

PC Stands for Personal Choice

After reading Ben Bajarin’s recent article, Computing’s S-Curve, I thought it might be prudent to offer another perspective.

Before I get started, I want to state for the record there are few analysts in whom I place a great deal of …

by James King   |   May 8th, 2014

Computing’s S-Curve

Last month, Benedict Evans wrote a great post talking about unfair comparisons. He faced some criticism for comparing PC market sales to smartphone market sales. Many claimed it was unfair. What if Benedict’s comparison actually isn’t unfair? What if comparing …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 7th, 2014

Device Usage A Question of Degree

The seemingly incessant discussions about which device is “winning” the battle for the hearts and minds of users seem to ignore an important, if not particularly helpful, fact: they all are winning to various degrees. Generally speaking, people tend to …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 6th, 2014

iPhone At 1 Billion. A Tipping Point.

What can you do with a billion iPhones? What can all of us do with a billion iPhones? 

Analysts, telcos, networking firms and research consultants expect more than 4 billion smartphones in use by the end of this decade, maybe sooner. I agree. …

by Brian S Hall   |   May 5th, 2014

The Tech.pinions Podcast: Amazon Smartphones

Welcome to the second in the series of the revived Tech.pinions podcasts.

This week Ben Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell, and Jan Dawson chat about the opportunities and challenges for a potential Amazon smartphone and what kind of impact carrier or vendor financing …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 3rd, 2014
Stand out from the crowd

Apple, Samsung, and The Value of Software Patents

I tweeted shortly after the Apple vs Samsung verdict today that I didn’t believe this case was ever about money. It was about making a point. I concluded by saying the debate will now shift to whether that point was made …

by Ben Bajarin   |   May 2nd, 2014
Moths flying on light

The Illusory Attraction of Mainstream

Twitter’s stock got hammered this week in part because growth still seems to be slow. As a result, it seems as though it will never achieve mainstream status but instead be consigned to the horrors of a niche market. The …

by Jan Dawson   |   May 2nd, 2014

Microsoft: Point and Counter-Point

On April 10, I wrote: Say Goodbye To Microsoft. On April 17, I wrote Say Hello To Microsoft 2.0. The two articles, when taken as a whole, argued that:

1. In the beginning, Microsoft’s business model was simple — create the …

by John Kirk   |   May 1st, 2014
american flag on the iPhone

Nokia Has Fallen. America Wins The Smartphone Wars.

Nokia has fallen. Not even the name will remain. America’s victory in the smartphone wars is complete — for now.

Last week’s news from the front lines of the smartphone wars illuminates the scope of America’s rapid mobile ascendency.

From Microsoft:

“Microsoft …

by Brian S Hall   |   April 30th, 2014