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Answering the 64-Bit Question

When Apple announced their latest processor architecture for the A7 was 64-bit based instead of 32-bit, they created the media misunderstanding of the century. Not only were a great many of the media misinterpreting the significance of the new architecture but many …

by Ben Bajarin   |   June 18th, 2014

Tech Observations From the Field

Over the past few days, I have been taking notes on my observations of tech, primarily mobile usage, of “regular humans” in the wild. And by that, I mean at Disney World where my family and I are vacationing.

I have …

by Ben Bajarin   |   June 17th, 2014
Markets of One Image

Moving to Markets of One

The consumer tech industry is reaching a bit of a crossroads as many companies are finding it harder and harder to create megahit products that sell in the tens or even hundreds of millions, such as Apple’s iPad, or Samsung’s …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   June 17th, 2014

Life Liberty And Pursued By Google

If we do not have a right to be forgotten on the Internet then we have no right to privacy. None. We cannot allow Google and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales to strip us of this basic protection.

It appears, however, that is …

by Brian S Hall   |   June 16th, 2014

Apple Announces Nothing (New)

“Apple announces NOTHING at developer conference”.

No, seriously, I read it on the internets, so it must be true. You can read it for yourself, here:

Apple Announces Nothing at Developer Conference ~ By Paul “Comic Book Guy” Ausick

Admittedly, that is just …

by John Kirk   |   June 14th, 2014

Tech.pinions Podcast: E3, PCs and Wearables

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Bob O’Donnell, Jan Dawson and John Kirk discuss the game console news from the E3 Entertainment Expo, and debate the state of the PC market and the upcoming opportunity (or not) for wearables.

Click …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   June 14th, 2014

The Enduring Lure of Facebook

When it comes to technology, I am what you would call “old school”. I came out of the PC era and cut my digital teeth in hardware and packaged software and lived in that world exclusively for over half my …

by Tim Bajarin   |   June 13th, 2014
Dream big

Apple, Google, Microsoft and ambition

A year ago, during Google’s I/O developer event, I was struck with a sense of Google’s boundless ambition. Here it was, announcing products and features that ran the gamut from desktop search to wearable computing to automated photo editing. And …

by Jan Dawson   |   June 12th, 2014

Man With a Smartphone

I came across a tremendous talk by Steve Jobs on how computers are like “bicycles for the mind”. In this short video, he outlines a report from Scientific American that tested the efficiency of locomotion of different species. Humans didn’t …

by Ben Bajarin   |   June 11th, 2014
A technology man has images around his head

Screen Overload To Drive Screen-less Devices

As we move into an increasingly connected world, where the number of devices we own and use continues to rise and the activities we’re trying to track and control continues to expand, there’s at least one obvious challenge confronting both …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   June 10th, 2014

Back To The Past With Oculus Rift

The pundits tell us Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR is proof virtual reality has arrived, at long last. The future is now.

Except all I can think about is the past.

That’s what I mostly want from Oculus, or from Sony’s Morpheus …

by Brian S Hall   |   June 9th, 2014

Global Smartphone Vendor Market Share and OS Installed Base Statistics

I’ve updated our global smartphone statistics and installed base estimates up to Q1 2014. There are several important observations to call out in the following graphs. First, let’s take a look at the market share of each smartphone vendor going back …...

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by Ben Bajarin   |   June 8th, 2014
person sign with arrows

Whither Apple Or Wither Apple?

“Whither” means “to what place or state: whither are we bound?” Wither means “dry up; wilt, droop, go limp, fade, perish; shrink, waste away, atrophy.” Following Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), we now know “whither” Apple is headed. Their …

by John Kirk   |   June 7th, 2014

Tech.pinions Podcast: Apple WWDC, Samsung Tizen, Amazon Smartphone

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Tim Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell, and Ben Bajarin discuss the announcements from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and Samsung’s Tizen Developer Conference and debate the opportunities for Amazon’s rumored smartphone.

Click here to subscribe in …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   June 7th, 2014
Crossroad in lavender meadow

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and the Divergence of Computing Philosophies

When it comes to computing platforms, the dominant leaders of today — Apple, Google, Microsoft — have embarked down three fundamentally different paths. Debating the superiority of these philosophies is not only premature, it is futile. The market is the …

by Ben Bajarin   |   June 6th, 2014

Reviewing my WWDC wish list

A few days before WWDC, my weekly Tech.pinions column focused on my personal wish list for what I’d like to see announced at the conference as a user of Apple products. I thought it would be good to return to …

by Jan Dawson   |   June 5th, 2014

Why Microsoft Should be Worried About Chromebooks

For more than 30 years, the Wintel consortium ruled the world of personal computers. This consortium was made up of a partnership between Intel and Microsoft joined at the hip when it came to creating PCs. But about three years …

by Tim Bajarin   |   June 4th, 2014

Apple Drives Vision of Seamless Multi-Device Computing

Having attended a large number of Apple events over the years—from new product introductions to WWDC keynotes—I’ve learned to expect impressive demos of new features and new products. In the long run, we often find out that some of those …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   June 3rd, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.31.06 PM

WWDC 2014 Observations: It’s all About the Ecosystem

Much was released today at the 2014 WWDC Keynote that I feel is impactful for Apple’s customers, developers, and the Apple ecosystem. More was released than I have time to get to in this analysis but I want to focus …

by Ben Bajarin   |   June 2nd, 2014
Tim cook in contemplation

Losing My Apple Religion. Seeking Salvation At WWDC.

I have crazy-high expectations for Apple’s worldwide developer conference. I expect, at minimum:

An iPhone phablet
iPad split-screen multi-tasking, necessary for the enterprise, awesome for gaming
Touch ID APIs to support mobile payments
Seamless inter-app communications
Apps that can actually push data onto the home …

by Brian S Hall   |   June 2nd, 2014
wow amazing sign

I Know What The Next Hit Product from Apple Is

It’s been four years since Apple released the first iPad and tech watchers are getting restless. When will Apple release another hit product? Where’s the Apple TV? Where’s the iWatch? Has the company lost its nerve post-Steve Jobs?

Don’t worry, Tim …

by David Needle   |   May 31st, 2014

The Terrible Tablet Tantrum: Part 1

In the first quarter of 2014, Apple sold 16.4 million iPads, a 16% drop compared to the number of units sold in the same quarter one year ago. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, explained the news away, but the tech press …

by John Kirk   |   May 31st, 2014

Tech.pinions Podcast: Apple/Beats, Dell PCs, Intel/Rockchip

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Tim Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell, and Ben Bajarin comment on the Apple/Beats deal, talk about Dell and the state of the PC industry, and analyze the recent partnership announcement between Intel and Rockchip.

Click here …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   May 31st, 2014

My Webinar On the Internet of Things

I wanted to let our readers know that I am co-hosting a webinar on the Internet of Things. The subject will be focused on the business impact of IoT. It is free to attend and if you are interested you …

by Tim Bajarin   |   May 30th, 2014
Information Technology Concept

When Worlds Collide

After reading Ben Thompson’s recent blog post titled “The Net Neutrality Wake Up Call,” I couldn’t help but shake my head a little.

This is not a knock on Thompson; his article was well written and his qualitative analysis of the tech …

by James King   |   May 30th, 2014