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Profitable Cores and Reinvention

It’s earnings season and, as usual, I’m spending quite a bit of time poring over financial results from major tech companies (some of which I’ve written up on my personal blog here). However, there’s a topic which I’ve been meaning …

by Jan Dawson   |   October 30th, 2014
Early Compaq

The Computer Struggles: Apple vs. the Industry

There was a time not that long ago that making a television was the pride of manufacturers. The U.S. industry was dominated by the likes of Motorola, RCA, and Magnavox (Philips). Today they have ceased to exist or have left …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   October 29th, 2014
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The Next Evolution for Wearables: Business


The wearables market has been dissected and analyzed so much it would be easy to presume that nearly every possible angle on the market or detail about it would have been thoroughly covered. But I believe there is one important …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   October 28th, 2014

Microsoft Is Doomed. Doomed!

I have to believe Microsoft’s latest earnings has finally obliterated all the silly “Microsoft is doomed!” discussion that’s been so bien pensant across the blogosphere these many years. This is a company that generated $23 billion in revenues and is clearly poised …

by Brian S Hall   |   October 27th, 2014
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The Apple Mac Takes Its Place In The Post-PC World

PC Resurgent

The PC market turnaround is real. ~ Bob O’Donnell (@bobodtech) 10/15/14


A: No.

Macs are resurgent. Google Chrome is slowly gaining ground. However, sales of traditional personal notebook and desktop computers that run the Windows …

by John Kirk   |   October 26th, 2014

Earnings Season: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google

Welcome to the weekly Tech.pinions podcast. This week Bob O’Donnell, Ben Bajarin, and Jan Dawson chat about the recent quarterly earnings announcements from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

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If you happen to use a podcast aggregator …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   October 25th, 2014
Happy family using a tablet pc by a fireplace

The Consumer Tablet Growth Opportunity

A great deal of my tablet market analysis has been spent exploring opportunities for a PC in the form of a tablet. Opportunities not fulfilled by a PC in the form of a desktop or laptop. As I explained here, …

by Ben Bajarin   |   October 24th, 2014

Apple Pay Today and Tomorrow

Apple Pay, announced at the iPhone 6 launch in September, was made available to users on Monday as part of the iOS 8.1 update. Anyone in the US with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus running the new software can …

by Jan Dawson   |   October 23rd, 2014
IBM Fishkill

The Sale of the Chip Business Marks the New IBM Future

In case you wondered about IBM completing the restructuring of its business, the company’s quiet announcement this week tells the tale. It unloaded a long critical part of the company, including its semiconductor factories in East Fishkill, N.Y., and outside …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   October 22nd, 2014

Size Does Matter…When it Comes to Screens


The number of comedic comments that have been made about “size” probably outnumber knock-knock jokes these days, because it seems everyone likes to offer their view on the matter. When it comes to technology devices, there have also been numerous …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   October 21st, 2014

Lt. Uhura. Dr. Mae Jemison. Melinda Gates. Onward.

Mae Jemison turned 58 last Friday. Jemison was the first African American woman to travel into space. As a child, one of her influences was Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura. I hope some one, some day writes the definitive piece on all the …

by Brian S Hall   |   October 20th, 2014
Teaching Dad to Use Tablet PC

iPads: The Bad, The Good And The Takeaway

Tablets, in general, and iPads, in particular, seem to be getting a bad rap nowadays. So I thought I’d take a look at both the bad and the good, and see if that provided us with any meaningful takeaways.

1) The …

by John Kirk   |   October 19th, 2014

Tech.pinions Podcast: Apple iPads, iMac Retina, Apple Pay

Welcome to the weekly Tech.pinions podcast. This week Bob O’Donnell, Ben Bajarin, Jan Dawson and Carolina Milanesi chat about Apple’s recent event, discussing the new iPads, the iMac with the 5K retina display and Apple Pay.

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by Bob O'Donnell   |   October 18th, 2014
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Why the New 5K Retina iMac is a Game Changer

On the second day Steve jobs was back at Apple I had a chance to sit down with him and ask him about how he planned to rescue Apple. At the time, Apple was $1 billion in the red and we …

by Tim Bajarin   |   October 17th, 2014
smart home

What I Learned About the Smart Home From Building a Home

We just finished having a new home built and moved in this past weekend. I’m a technologist by trade and have always loved gadgets. With a green field site, high tech awareness and a love for gadgets, you’d think my new …

by Jan Dawson   |   October 16th, 2014
India map flag over binary background illustration

India and the Digital Age

When it comes to the computing products I study — TVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs — I tend to talk primarily about what is happening in China and the US/Europe. Mostly because, for most consumer tech products, China and the US …

by Ben Bajarin   |   October 15th, 2014
big data eye

Does Big Data Equal Big Brother?

One of the hottest topics in the world of enterprise IT for the last several years has been big data. The idea behind it is relatively straightforward: in our increasingly connected world, it’s possible to collect a lot of information …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   October 14th, 2014

Technological Patriotism

Technology is breaking down barriers throughout the world. Conversely, a form of technological nationalism has taken hold, limiting tech’s rise. Expect such nationalist fervor to become more widespread, more virulent, probably more unfair. 

Technology is the new oil. It’s vital to our lives, …

by Brian S Hall   |   October 13th, 2014

Samsung Schadenfreude And The Fall Of The Church Of Market Share

Schadenfreude |ˈSHädənˌfroidə | noun | pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. ORIGIN German Schadenfreude, from Schaden ‘harm’ + Freude ‘joy.’

Samsung has reported a 60% fall in quarterly profits. Just three years ago, Samsung rose from seemingly nowhere to …

by John Kirk   |   October 12th, 2014

A Worrisome Tech Trend

I had the chance to use Uber for the first time when I was in Seattle recently. Unfortunately, my first experience with this service was not great. The driver had trouble finding me at the hotel I was at and, even …

by Tim Bajarin   |   October 10th, 2014
Chiffres Aléatoires - Mathématiques

How many computers do we need?

There was a thought I alluded to in last week’s Tech.pinions podcast I want to expand. It’s the idea we’re now surrounded by many different computers in a variety of form factors and that one of the biggest questions for our …

by Jan Dawson   |   October 9th, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.04.40 PM

Samsung’s Cautionary Tale

Yesterday, Samsung issued a Q3 2014 guidance update stating they will miss expectations. The report says profit is down nearly 60%. For many of us, this was entirely expected. If this estimate holds up, Samsung’s operating profit chart looks like …

by Ben Bajarin   |   October 8th, 2014

Is Windows Still Relevant?

To say that the past week has been an interesting one for the PC market is one heck of an understatement. Between Microsoft’s first official preview of Windows 10 and HP’s announced split into two companies, there has been an …

by Bob O'Donnell   |   October 7th, 2014

I Want It Later! Building The Inconvenience Economy.

As I stood in line with a giddy gaggle of high pants hipsters, each eagerly anticipating the drip, drip of their very own drip coffee from the sainted Blue Bottle, conversations were many and temporary friendships took brief flight.

I looked up …

by Brian S Hall   |   October 6th, 2014
Computer geek

Tech Geeks, Apple Watch And The Upcoming Fashion Apocalypse

What Is A Tech Geek?

Definition: “Tech Geek”

Someone with ridiculous skills on a computer/phone/iPod/other electronical device and scares us mere earthlings. they have a habit of breaking these after stretching them beyond their ability for normal usage. they also sometimes know …

by John Kirk   |   October 4th, 2014