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The Opinion Cast Round Table: Blackberry Its Past and its Future

This week the topic of choice is about RIM. Our Tech.pinion columnists get together for a lively discussion about Blackberry, the company formerly knows as RIM. We explore how they got to where they are and what they …

by The Tech.pinions Team   |   January 31st, 2013

The Enterprise Is Important. Let’s Get It Right.

One of the most striking features of much tech writing today is its near total ignorance about corporate software and systems. Except for sites like ComputerWorld and others that specialize in the enterprise, reporting is sparse and when it appears, …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 31st, 2013

Blackberry: The Charge Of The Light Brigade

Yesterday RIM, now renamed Blackberry, introduced the Blackberry 10. Tech.Pinions columnist, Steve Wildstrom, is cheering for Blackberry as are many Tech.Pinion regular readers and millions upon millions of others. Does the new, re-invented, Blackberry stand a chance? Or is Blackberry …

by John Kirk   |   January 31st, 2013

BlackBerry Delivers a Product: Now It Has To Sell It

Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg nicely summed up the first day of the rest of BlackBerry’s life: “Good launch,” he tweeted. “Now it’s all execution.”

After what seemed like an interminable pregnancy, BlackBerry (the new corporate name; Research In Motion …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 30th, 2013

Business and Social Media: The Good and the Ugly

I had an interesting little experience this morning with how customer services organizations use social media well and badly.

I was headed to New York for the BlackBerry 10 launch and took the first train on the Washington Metro Red Line …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 30th, 2013
Apple financials chart

Apple and the Burden of Bigness

A lot has been written lately about “exponential growth,” nearly all of it wrong. If you want to see what real exponential growth looks like, check out the graph of Apple’s revenues and profits . And this tells an …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 30th, 2013
lumia 920

Leaving the iPhone- How Windows Phone 8 Stacks Up

Approximately six weeks ago, I made the decision to stop using my iPhone 4s and immerse myself in Android, which I did for about a month.  I wrote about that here.  After Android, I wanted to try out Windows Phone 8 …

by Patrick Moorhead   |   January 29th, 2013

I’ll Take My Hardware With a Side of Software

Despite some people loathing CES, I actually happened to enjoy the show this year. I go to CES mostly to meet with our clients, gather data and market intelligence, and search for trends. CES always includes hidden gems; you simply …

by Ben Bajarin   |   January 28th, 2013

Cheering for BlackBerry

On Wednesday, Research In Motion will launch its bid to save itself with the redesigned from the ground up BlackBerry. I’ll be at the launch event and I will judge the new hardware and software on their merits, still I …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 27th, 2013

What Tech Company is Healthier Than Apple?

When it comes to understanding the stock market, I acknowledge I am no expert. I am not a financial analyst and my research is not directed at those making stock bets. Yet if I was to put myself in the …

by Ben Bajarin   |   January 25th, 2013

Apple’s Transparency

I don’t hear the topic of transparency brought up nearly enough. I asked the question in my column today of what company is more healthy than Apple and now I ask what company is more transparent than Apple? The cost …

by Ben Bajarin   |   January 25th, 2013

The Opinion Cast Round Table: Apple and Wall Street’s Distorted Expectations

After a somewhat surprising and somewhat predictable day stock wise for Apple post earnings, the Tech.pinions team share their thoughts on Apple’s earnings. We hit topics like why Wall Street is so backward, what this means for Apple going …

by The Tech.pinions Team   |   January 24th, 2013

Miscellaneous Musings On Apple’s Earnings And The Future Of Personal Computing

Yesterday Apple released their earnings for the fourth quarter of 2012. It is important to note that Apple had 14 weeks, as compared to the normal 13 weeks, in their year ago fourth quarter. In order to equalize results, all …

by John Kirk   |   January 24th, 2013

Apple and Imperfection

Near the end the dot-com bubble, smart investors finally realized that a major problem with tech stock pricing was that dozens of companies were priced to perfection: Their stock prices were so high relative to the underlying financials that only …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 23rd, 2013

A Quick Take On The Surface Pro

First, let me say that the Microsoft does not get enough credit for the hardware build on the Surface RT. Microsoft had little experience in bringing out a hardware product and they got the hardware right and they did it …

by John Kirk   |   January 23rd, 2013

Spectrum: Where It Came From, Where It Goes

In the the beginning, wireless spectrum in the U.S. was free. In  1983, the Federal Communications Commission created the first analog cellular networks by assigning two chunks of airwaves in the 800 MHz band. One chunk was reserved for the …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 23rd, 2013

AMD SurRoundhouse Concept: Future Cure for the CE Industry Woes?

For a run of at least 30 years, the “classic” consumer electronics industry successfully transitioned from one technology to another.  TVs are a good example.  TVs went from big color tubes to rear projection to flat panels and HD projection …

by Patrick Moorhead   |   January 22nd, 2013

Why RIM Is Not Dead Yet

I wanted to share some of my thoughts regarding RIM prior to them having their press event next week. I know there are many who have the opinion that RIM has been circling the drain for some time now and …

by Ben Bajarin   |   January 21st, 2013

Smartphones Become the New Hub of Our Digital Lifestyles

In the winter of 2000, Steve Jobs took the stage at MacWorld and laid out what we now consider a very forward thinking idea. He said that the “Mac would become the center of our digital lifestyle.” We did not …

by Tim Bajarin   |   January 21st, 2013

Would I Buy A Phablet?

One of the more unique smartphone designs in the market are ones that sport a 5.3″ to 6.1″ screen and are called Phablets by some in the industry. We call them tweeners as they are a cross between a large …

by Tim Bajarin   |   January 18th, 2013

CES 2013: Plenty of Innovation – You Just Needed to Know Where to Look

I didn’t expect much in the way of OS, phone, or tablet announcements at CES this year, if only because all the key platform drivers stayed home. Apple never attends trade shows, preferring to host its own events. Amazon follows …

by Avi Greengart   |   January 17th, 2013

Putting Together The Pieces of the Personal Computing Puzzle

As I read other’s thoughts on personal computing, I am sometimes struck by the fact that we tend to view the world the way it was rather than the way it is. Not only are we not good at seeing …

by John Kirk   |   January 17th, 2013
Dark Side of the Moon album cover

Spectrum: The Shortage Is a Crisis, but Not Serious

The late economist Herb Stein used to say that “if something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

A profound economic truth lies behind that seeming flip statement. The world is forever on the verge of running out of vital commodities–oil, …

by Steve Wildstrom   |   January 16th, 2013

Leaving the iPhone- How Android Stacks Up

About a month ago, I made the decision to stop using my iPhone 4s with the possible outcome of leaving the iPhone for an Android or Windows phone for an extended period of time.  I don’t want to use the …

by Patrick Moorhead   |   January 15th, 2013

For Now, Marketing is More Important Than Innovation

It seems as though the past year I’ve heard a lot of people with early adopter tendencies, especially the media, complain about the lack of innovation coming from the tech industry. It again up again at CES this year. …

by Ben Bajarin   |   January 14th, 2013