Enterprise and Consumer Tech Are Not Converging

by Steve Wildstrom   |   October 3rd, 2013

In an important Stratechery post titled “Overstating the Consumerization of IT,” Ben Thompson argued there is a critical difference in how consumers and enterprises (or more broadly, business) approach technology. Consumers are willing to pay for hardware but balk at paying for software or services. Business values software a services and is willing to pay–a…

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Steve Wildstrom

Steve Wildstrom is veteran technology reporter, writer, and analyst based in the Washington, D.C. area. He created and wrote BusinessWeek’s Technology & You column for 15 years. Since leaving BusinessWeek in the fall of 2009, he has written his own blog, Wildstrom on Tech and has contributed to corporate blogs, including those of Cisco and AMD and also consults for major technology companies.