About Tech.pinions

” executives who make effective decisions know that one does not start with facts. One starts with opinions” – Peter Drucker

Tech.pinions was started in June of 2011 with the singular vision of providing the technology industry with quality opinion based columns. Tech.pinions publishes a Daily Tech.pinion by one of our industry analysts, industry experts, insiders, or luminaries.

Tech.pinions exists to be an opinion platform for technology industry thought leaders. Our goal is to provide the most informed and original opinions on all the latest technology industry happenings. What makes Tech.pinions different is that all our content is in the form of a column or editorial analysis. We opine on the news and the technology industry rather than report it.

Tech.pinions authors and columnists are carefully selected with a strict set of criteria and involvement is by invite only. We only allow contributions by those who have credible, respected, original, authoritative and informed opinions on the technology industry.

Because of the high bar set for quality opinions on the technology industry most of our contributions come from professional technology industry analysts, technology industry executives, or noted luminaries and authors. Our highest aim is to be a valuable resource for the technology industry at large and to provide thought provoking insight for the betterment of technology.

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