Patrick Moorhead

Patrick Moorhead was the ranked the #1 technology industry analyst by Apollo Research (October, 2012). He is President and Principal Analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy, a high tech analyst firm focused on the ecosystem intersections of the phone, tablet, PC, TV, datacenter and cloud.
He is a 21-year high-tech strategy and marketing veteran executive who has addressed the personal computer, mobility,graphics, and server ecosystems. Unlike others, Moorhead held executive positions leading strategy, marketing, and product groups. He is grounded in reality as he has led the planning and execution and had to live with the outcomes.

He recently departed AMD where he served as Corporate Vice President and Corporate Fellow in the strategy group. There, he developed long-term strategies for mobile computing devices and personal computers. Moorhead also served in his 11 years at AMD leading product management, business planning, product marketing, regional marketing, channel marketing, and corporate marketing. Moorhead also worked at Compaq Computer Corp. during their run to the #1 market share leader position in personal computers. Patrick also served as an executive at AltaVista E-commerce, pioneering cost per click e-commerce models.

Patrick has been cited globally in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Financial Times, Les Echos, Der Spiegel, and the South China Morning Post. Moorhead also appeared on TV shows like CNBC’s Squawkbox, Bloomberg Asia, and the BBC. Patrick also has presented at conferences such as CES, Computex, CeBit Asia, Comdex, and PC Expo.

Moorhead also has significant board experience. He served as an executive board member of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the American Electronics Association (AEA). He currently chairs the board of the St. David’s Medical Center, designated by Thomson Reuters as one of the 100 Top Hospitals in America.

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