Steve Wildstrom

Stephen H.  Wildstrom is veteran technology reporter, writer, and analyst based in  the Washington, D.C. area. He created and wrote  BusinessWeek’s Technology & You column for 15 years. Since leaving BusinessWeek in the fall of 2009, he has written his own blog, Wildstrom on Tech and has contributed to corporate blogs, including those of Cisco and AMD and also consults for major technology companies.

Before starting Technology & You, Steve served as senior news editor in BusinessWeek‘s Washington bureau and edited the Washington Outlook column. Since joining the magazine in 1972, he has served in variety of capacities, covering politics, economics, and labor in Washington and Detroit and was also deeply involved in the computerization of editorial operations in the 1980s. He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Steve also has deep interests in education and the arts. He is a founding board member and vice president of the Children’s Chorus of Washington. He also was co-chair of the parents’ network of the Center for Excellence in Education. He served as a member of local arrangements committee and as the volunteer publicity director for the International Math Olympiad 2001.

A native of Detroit, Steve is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He lives with his wife Susan, a mathematics teacher, in Kensington, Maryland. They have two children, Jonathan, a software engineer in Yorktown Heights, NY, and D. Jacob (Jake), a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville.