Apple Watch, MacBook, PC Industry Challenges

This week Tim Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell and Jan Dawson discuss the Apple Watch, the new MacBook and PC industry forecast challenges.

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Bob O'Donnell

Bob O’Donnell is the president and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research, LLC a technology consulting and market research firm that provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. You can follow him on Twitter @bobodtech.

9 thoughts on “Apple Watch, MacBook, PC Industry Challenges”

  1. I suspect the new MacBook is or will be the iPad killer. (Just came to the point where this idea is discussed.) My iPad is used to watch video, search and books. A few apps are useful, weather, finance, but a keyboard is sorely missed and the experience is still questionable.

    What if Apple eventually made the (new) MacBook form with a detach keyboard. Then we’d have a book reader and movie display with possible substitutes for many apps.

    I never buy first generation Apple products so it will be interesting to see how this puppy barks in a few generations.
    I really like these Pod Castes. They are brief and to the point. The lack of friendly chit chat is appreciated.
    Namaste and care,

    1. What if Apple eventually made the (new) MacBook form with a detach keyboard.

      Nice idea, but Apple has been against the 2-in-1 format.

    2. “I suspect the new MacBook is or will be the iPad killer”

      I doubt this very much. The iPad could level off right where it is now (and even decline in 2015), and it’s the top selling PC in the world, by a fair margin. There are plenty of great keyboard cases for the iPad if you need that. I do, so that’s what I’ve got. It’s really great, I love the combination of hardware keyboard and touchscreen. The MacBook is a different use case, another device on the continuum from wrist to desktop.

    3. The new MacBook is a quite imperfect as a substitute for iPads when it comes to casual use around the house, when commuting or in education. Also, it is much more expensive. Apple sells about 60m iPads per year at an ASP of $450 or less. They sell about 20m Macs per year for $1200 on average. If Apple could convert the iPad buyers into MacBook customers then that would be quite a neat feat, but I’m not holding my breath.

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