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Apple’s iBooks Author EULA Restriction is Dumb, Not Evil

Apple created a fair stir around the internet with a provision in the end-user license for its new iBooks Author software that requires that content created using the tool can only be sold through iTunes. ZDNet’s Ed Bott called the move “greedy and evil” while even the normally Apple-friendly John Gruber denounced it as “Apple at its worst.”

iBooks Author iconIn fact, that EULA language is merely stupid not evil. Apple is not asserting any sort of control over the contents of your book, just the formatted output of iBooks Author. That output can only be used to create an iBook and iBooks can only be sold through iTunes, so the language doesn’t actually create any restriction that isn’t already inherent in the software. Besides, no one has to use iBooks Author; there are other tools for creating iBooks.

But while the language of the Apple license may be ineffectual, it is not meaningless. In asserting this sort of control, Apple violated a longstanding principle of software: A program may not impose restrictions on the content it is used to create. Even the Free Software Foundation’s General Public License, in many ways one of the most restrictive licenses around,  doesn’t try to prevent conventional copyright terms on say, a book written using the GPL-licensed emacs editor. And certainly neither Microsoft nor Adobe has ever attempted any control on the output of Word or Photoshop. Tools should be just that; the uses of their output should be solely up to the creator (subject, as in the case of iBooks Author, to purely technical restrictions.)

Perhaps the best face you can put on this mess is Gruber’s interpretation: “Let’s hope this is just the work of an overzealous lawyer, and not [Apple’s] actual intention.”

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Steve Wildstrom

Steve Wildstrom is veteran technology reporter, writer, and analyst based in the Washington, D.C. area. He created and wrote BusinessWeek’s Technology & You column for 15 years. Since leaving BusinessWeek in the fall of 2009, he has written his own blog, Wildstrom on Tech and has contributed to corporate blogs, including those of Cisco and AMD and also consults for major technology companies.

16 thoughts on “Apple’s iBooks Author EULA Restriction is Dumb, Not Evil”

  1. I agree it’s a dumb move by Apple – and hopefully they will address it quickly.

    For Apple to “revolutionize” the textbook industry it needs to address

    – textbooks in the cloud – these are often massive downloads 1/2GB – you don’t need to download the whole book – selective chapters are fine and will help manage storage on the iPad
    – subscription and rental models – the outright purchase model is problematic even at the reduce pricing , esp without resale being allowed. A well thought out rental model is needed. Likewise a subscription across content / publishers would be welcome – I’d like to be able to select content from multiple sources within a single subscription.

    However, the education market will not be revolutionized unless iPads and other tablets become affordable for the masses.

  2. This is an interesting topic. I think it brings up all kinds of important discussion points. Although I think Apple’s logic is somewhat similar to an SDK type mindset. If I use the Apple SDK for Mac or iOS then I am clearly developing software only for Macs or iOS. There is no point in me offering these for purchase for any other platform because the software won’t work.

    Perhaps this is the similar logic in that an iBook is only going to work with iBooks. This would of course be an entirely different story had Apple opened up their publishing platform as open source for anyone creating tablet or next gen e-reader to use. At that point, however, controlling the distribution method would be more difficult.

    Without certainty, I think this is how their logic is going. In that an iBook is a proprietary solution only available on iPad. Therefore it is being treated like an App from a purchasing and billing solution.

    What Amazon and others need to do is move quickly to release tool kits to do something similar. It will be a pain for authors to have to create two separate documents to publish, one on iPad and one Amazon or others. But that is how I see this playing out.

  3. From the wording used in the EULA and the fact that apple is a very litigious company with many lawyers it’s hard to imagine that they are just being “dumb.”

    It seems rather obvious that apple needs/wants a way to prevent people from putting ebooks on multiple platforms and therefore are making a grab at controlling the content–your “work.”

    Apple knows full well that within a short period there will be converters to convert the proprietary iBooks formatted ebook to any and every other ebook format, especially epub 3. So, that’s going to happen and apple can’t stop it however, they can stop the content from being uploaded/sold on another ebook store. Otherwise, this EULA makes no sense whatsoever.

    It seems clear to me that apple is attempting to ensure a complete locking of your “work” exclusive with them–not just the iBook formatted work but the entire “work.” They need a way to build iBooks ONLY and the only way to do that is to exert some control over the content–because you were stupid enough to upload to apple’s app store and used iBooks author they will have you–you agreed not to distribute to anyone else. Then when you do, they will simply send a letter to the other company and that company will pull your book–what are you going to do about it? Sue apple? yeah, sure you will. Worse yet, if they deem your book not acceptable it is doa–you can’t do anything with it because you were stupid enough to use iBooks Author and upload to the app store/iBooks and therefore giving apple “exclusive” rights to the “work.”


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    Wrinkle and weight are exterior features a soul mate is looking for the values and concepts in a associate. As a senior, who has not gained weight? As a senior, you maybe a divorcee, widow, widower and never met the suitable accomplice. A sensible man as soon as stated remorse weigh tonnes and I feel he was proper. But hidden within all of that turbulence is something awesome-the chance to satisfy a one in a million man or girl of your desires! As they say, man is a social animal, so while living in the society, individuals depend on other folks to get an idea about what is right and what is incorrect and what ought to or should not be finished. Resources that may be bought learn and studied within the privateness of ones dwelling in an effort to get an entire and full understanding of where you’ve got come from in life, where you are actually and give the confidence to move on.

    Easy methods to Get Your Head Space Right Before Online Dating is a remarkable resource, one so incredible, that truthfully it may be used by anybody With Ease, Confidence and Security to enhance their Self Image by Ridding themselves of Past Heartaches, Embarrassments and Failures your baggage and Step On-Line Confidently If they want With their “Head Space” Right! Before going for another date, get things sorted for your self. But even on this digital world the place folks have the license to be very creative and have their way out, there are particular issues to take care of and consider. Could they get good sources to assist put together them if they had been genuinely involved to find companionship and even love by Seniors Online Dating? It’s subsequently very useful for people who do not must run from one facet to get a soul mate. Lots of Japanese women need a male that tells them many instances charmingdate review daily how much he loves them. Women could management pregnancies and ushered in Women Liberation. The cyber globe is vastly rising that is actually why far more and much more men and women come across it practical to fulfill up with individuals on-line as a result of of various motives.

    You can also learn my relationship recommendation for males article. Insider’s Secret Report back to Online Dating which is what everybody needs to learn before venturing into mature relationship. With free dating websites anybody can use them and anybody can log on. Baby Boomer have been the Free Thinking generation. I am a senior in the Baby Boomer Generation you know born between 1942 and 1964 the time of the Beatles, The Vietnam War, mini skirts, Woodstock and such like, approach back when truthfully I by no means gave a thought of becoming a senior, I didn’t even assume in terms of “Senior” gosh, anybody over the age of forty in my thoughts was “Old”. What more can I say, except, don’t just think your life is over as a result of you are a Baby Boomer, now reaching a “Tender Mature” age. Combine your date search and search ethnically, search by religion, govt search, pet lover, inexperienced search, army search and and many others. In case you are contemplating becoming a member of an online dating service you should have to complete an in-depth profile and supply self images.

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