Are HTC and Samsung Sick of Google’s Android Operating System?

VIA PC World – By Eric Mack

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4 thoughts on “Are HTC and Samsung Sick of Google’s Android Operating System?”

  1. “Sick of it?” I doubt it. As long as it provides them a vehicle for moving hardware at a profit, why not keep loving it?

    Well, maybe because there’s the risk that they are utterly dependent on Google right now. Even if they don’t worry about Motorola; even if they don’t think the Oracle and Microsoft patent stories will cut into attractiveness of the platform; even if they think alternatives like WebOS and / or a homebrew will be expensive, possibly unattractive and slow non-sellers; even if they think Google is the best company on the planet.

    A CEO cannot go tell his Board that he bet the farm on a single company that had its OWN priorities and pulled the rug out from under him. He’s toast, and so are all the shareholders, employees, all up and down the line.

    This is Business 101: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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