HTC One X: A Big Win for Nvidia’s Tegra 3

*+-At this years Mobile World Congress HTC made an announcement that I found interesting. They announced that their latest and greatest smart phone the One X will run Nvidia’s latest processor named Tegra 3. Granted, … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / March 5th, 2012

Why Microsoft Should Make an XBOX Mobile Gaming Console

*+-Yesterday I shared a column on why casual gaming, or even more immersive gaming on smart phones is not going to threaten dedicated mobile gaming consoles any time soon. To come to this conclusion I … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / March 2nd, 2012

Why Smart Phones Won’t Take Down The PS Vita

*+-The question that was raised at the initial announcement of the PS Vita was whether or not a dedicated mobile gaming unit could survive in a world where casual mobile games on smart phones exist. … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 29th, 2012

MWC 2012: Clear Android Differentiation and Other Trends

*+-I suspect that each MWC will be better than the last. This show, I believe, is quickly becoming the leading industry conference for mobile smart device technologies. Therefore, Mobile World Congress will be one of … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 27th, 2012

You Can Never Have Enough Tablets

*+-One of the things my firm focuses on is spotting trends within the technology industry. As a part of our constant search for trends we employ a concept we call “live the future now.” What … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 23rd, 2012

Don’t Miss OS X Mountain Lion’s Potential in China

*+-Many in the media who got an early preview of Apple’s new Mac OS Mountain Lion are notably excited about a range of features. I point out a few of them in my article sharing … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 16th, 2012
Mountain Lion

My Experience With The OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview

*+-Apple is on pace to bring a new OS X release on an annual cadence. They released today the first bit of information as a developer preview for their latest OS X release called Mountain … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 16th, 2012
Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 8.23.32 AM

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx Commercial–Best Droid Marketing Yet

*+-When I met with Motorola at CES and they showed me the Droid Maxx I suspected they were on to something. What is interesting to me as an analyst about this device is that it … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 15th, 2012

Google Officially Owns Motorola–Now What?

*+-US Regulatory agencies along with the European Union approved Google’s acquisition of Motorola today. This acquisition, although initially positioned for Motorola’s patents, could very well cause quite a bit of change in the mobile landscape. … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 14th, 2012
Photo of Best Buy sotre

Best Buy: With Lots of Unbiased Advice

*+-Best Buy has been running a commercial for the past few weeks where they are positioning themselves as THE place to buy a mobile phone. The commercial was very well done. The commercial included many … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 13th, 2012

Windows 8 on ARM: The Big Questions

*+-Microsoft released a lengthy blog post yesterday on their website specifically around Windows 8 on ARM. Although the post shed some insight into a number of the looming questions we all have about Windows on … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 10th, 2012

Do Apple Competitors Make Bad Products?

*+-I often engage in discussions with the financial community on matters related to tech for their portfolio management. One of the things I was asked in a recent conversation intrigued me. The question was around … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 9th, 2012

The Tablet is the Ultimate Mobile Personal Computer

*+-Our firm has been doing an extensive amount of tablet analysis over the past year. The more I study the role of the tablet in the industry and in the lives of consumers the more … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 3rd, 2012

The iPad: The Perfect Learning Companion

*+-If we are honest with ourselves we have to admit that our country’s educational system has some serious fundamental issues. Our educational infrastructure is ranked 23rd in the world and seems like it declines even … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / February 2nd, 2012

2012: The Year Google Fixes Android or Loses the War

*+-The end of 2011 brought about some interesting market developments. Both Nielsen and NPD shared data that the once so dominant Android actually declined in market share over the holiday quarter of 2011. Both Nielsen … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 31st, 2012

Apple’s Enterprise Invasion: Why Winning in Consumer Means Winning in Enterprise

*+-There used to be a time when I would go to tech industry events, trade shows, internal company meetings, etc. and I was one of the few in the room with a Mac. I took … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 26th, 2012

Even With a Huge Quarter, Apple is just getting Started

*+– Apple’s $13 billion quarterly profit is second-biggest in U.S. history. Only topped by Exxon’s $14.8 billion in 2008 – 97.6 billion in cash that AAPL has is higher than the market value of 476 … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 24th, 2012

An iOS Laptop is a Compelling Idea

*+-Our friend Harry McCracken wrote in his CNET column yesterday about why he believes the world needs an iOS laptop. James Kendrick of ZNET shared his thoughts on Harry’s article pointing out that it is … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 23rd, 2012

Looking Forward to the Next Round of Innovation

*+-I was surprised by a number of conversations I had while at this years CES. More than once the conversation turned to the staleness of innovation shown at the show. It is true there wasn’t … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 20th, 2012

Why the iPad is an Investment in Your Child’s Future

*+-Whether or not Apple uses this positioning, it is perhaps one of the best angles for the iPad. When friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who asks me, asks for my recommendation about iPad, I always … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 19th, 2012

The PC Landscape is About to Change – Here’s Why

*+-One of my favorite quotes about change is: “Life is a journey, and on a journey the scenery changes.” The technology industry is also on a journey and on that journey the scenery will change. … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 17th, 2012

The Most Interesting Things I Saw at CES 2012

*+-CES is certainly the technology lovers candy store. It is nearly impossible for any one person to see everything of interest at CES. So my approach is to look for the hidden gems or something … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 13th, 2012

Do Nokia and Windows Phone Have Any Hope for 2012?

*+-There were a number of priorities for me at this years CES.  One of my top priorities was to better understand Nokia’s strategy for Windows Phone and the US Market.  Secondarily to Nokia’s US strategy … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 12th, 2012

The Day A Smart Phone Changed an Industry

*+-Five years ago today Apple introduced the iPhone. On this day five years ago, Apple opened our eyes to the reality that the devices we considered “smart” were not really smart at all. They re-invented … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 9th, 2012

The ARM Wrestle Match

*+-I have an un-healthy fascination with semiconductors. I am not an engineer nor I do know much about quantum physics but I still love semiconductors. Perhaps because I started my career drawing chip diagrams at … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 6th, 2012