Apu Kumar

Apu, also an acronym for "Accelerated Processing Unit", was born in technology and is rumored to have been conceived in a silicon fab near Springfield. On a more formal note, Apu has over 16 years experience in international sales, business development and marketing for the mobile and PC ecosystems, with a proven record in accelerating new product adoption and establishing new markets. Apu has held senior leadership roles at iconic technology brands as well as early stage start-ups like Hewlett Packard, Phoenix Technologies, CNET.com, mySimon and is currently the SVP, Chief Deal Hacker at BlueStacks - GamePop. Apu is passionate about user-centric design, mobile gaming, wearables and cloud services. While he is not globe-trotting and deal-hacking, you are likely to run into Apu on the trails in Saratoga - Los Gatos or on the tennis courts. Apu has a Master’s degree in Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Mumbai.