You’ll want to read this: Alice through the Looking Glass (Corning Glass, that is)

In the near distant future, all of the surfaces in your house are made of high-tech glass. Instead of following a recipe on your tablet, your glass countertops now become the display. Does this make your spine tingle? Does it feel uber-tech, light years away? Like something only Steve Jobs or Captain Kirk would have access to? Nope, it’s coming to your doorstep.

Kelli Richards / May 2nd, 2013

An Overview of How Google Glass Works… A Curse or a Blessing?

Google Glass, Kelli Richards, #ifihadglass

Kelli Richards / March 18th, 2013

Sony’s decline: Have they eaten the poison Apple?

I’m talking of course about Sony and Apple, two companies with storied histories that bare some key similarities to each other. In the successes and failures of each company, the brilliance and blunders seem to be passed back and forth. In order to move forward towards the future, we must look back at the past; so let’s take it from the top.

Kelli Richards / February 10th, 2013

Something Special About Apple and iOS

Apple’s VoiceOver technology was introduced with OSX 10.5 – better known as “Tiger.” It’s an accessibility feature that allows blind or visually impaired Apple users to interact with a computer through sound. A user can use the trackpad or keyboard to scroll through the applications on the docked menu at the bottom of the screen. It can literally read the user any text that’s displayed on the screen and allows users to edit text where applicable.

Kelli Richards / December 19th, 2012

The New Myspace: All or Nothing

Ah MySpace, the website that brought social networking and social media into the homes of the masses. Once the king of the internet, valued at $12 billion and becoming the most visited website in the world, it has since been dethroned and fallen from grace. Or has it? It was recently purchased by Specific Media and Justin Timberlake in June 2011 for $35 million with hopes of breathing new life into the company. But will they be able to reclaim the throne in a much more crowded kingdom? The answer to that remains to be scene but based on the preview it looks like something worth getting excited about.

Kelli Richards / November 12th, 2012

Will Apple Survive without Steve Jobs? Apple’s Laughing Straight to the Bank…

Just a few days ago, we quietly watched as the first anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs passed by.  As an Apple insider and alum, I always have an ear to the ground for … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / October 10th, 2012

The Next Big Thing: Apple WWDC

It’s no surprise to see Apple race on, barely missing a beat since Steve’s passing – leading global innovation as it has this new millennium. In just a few hours the next Apple WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) will … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / June 11th, 2012

Digital Reincarnation at it’s Best: Live From Daryl’s House

Today’s world is fickle, and one of my favorite examples of digital avenues bringing new audiences to the best performers of our time is definitely Live From Daryl’s House, started by Daryl Hall in late 2007. This is music discover at its best, with Hall taking a simple idea and turning it into web gold.

Kelli Richards / March 5th, 2012

Fun & Games: Cross Digital Distribution Takes Movies into a Whole New Realm

As the digital revolution reaches what seems to be an absolute frenzy of technological advances and debuts, more and more we’re seeing the cross-platform promotion and collaboration around product distribution. The latest (and one of the biggest) entries into this virtual world is set to be Suzanne Collins’ popular novel, “The Hunger Games.”

Kelli Richards / February 10th, 2012

Hulu’s Latest Hot Ticket

When it comes to digital distribution, one of the big online commercial sites for video has certainly been Hulu. In only four short years of life, Hulu has carved out a tremendous niche with a … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / February 6th, 2012

Cool or Not Cool? Bandzoogle and it’s Cool Connection to Direct-to-Fan

I recently inteviewed Dave Cool, the “voice” of Bandzoogle. Dave Cool writes the Bandzoogles blog, well known for inspiring and supporting Bandzoogle’s #1 mission: To make Direct-to-Fan a very real accomplishment for artists and bands everywhere. A big inspiration in the world of musicians and bands, Dave inspires artists to keep control of their content on as many levels as possible and to maximize their fan outreach and merchandising. If you are a musician breaking out in today’s world, this is a must. In the end, however, one thing Cool makes infinitely clear, is that it’s still about doing great work.

Kelli Richards / December 3rd, 2011

A Digital Insider Scoffs at Townshend

As an industry insider – on way more than one level – it’s hard to take Pete Townshend’s comments as anything more than another great artist railing at the system.  Look, in the end, we … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / November 8th, 2011

The Pandora Box of Mobile – The Sky’s the Limit

If you were at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco last week, you probably heard Pandora Founder Tim Westergren share that SEVENTY PERCENT of their usage is through mobile venues. Yes. 70%. And having created a super-successful digital space for themselves, Pandora doesn’t see Spotify, iTunes, or any other competition eating their lunch any time soon.

Kelli Richards / October 28th, 2011

An Intimate Chat with Tech Pioneer, Thomas Dolby

This week’s “Fireside Chat” with Kelli Richards was with the Iconic ’80s electronic music and MTV pioneer,Thomas Dolby. Best known for his hit, “She Blinded Me with Science,” Thomas Dolby is much more than a recording artist, he’s also a Producer and the Music Director for TED. In fact, he’s STILL leading the tech revolution with his interactive game, Floating City, which reacts to player contributions, eventually granting access to Thomas’ newest music.

Kelli Richards / October 25th, 2011

The Gifts of the Digital Age – Remember 9/11

Today’s article will be short. It reflects upon one of the most powerful testaments to the age of digital technology. Because of the advances in digital technology, we are able to keep alive the memories … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / September 11th, 2011

VizLingo – The Newest Gadget for Gen Z

Yes, the tech revolution has produced an endless stream of new gizmos, gadgets and tools. Some of these are vital to our day-to-day existence, like email, and some are simply a fun and entertaining distraction … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / September 5th, 2011

Big Brother has Landed, and his name is Foursquare

It’s hard to know just how big social media is going to get – and even harder to remember that there was once a world without an internet. We’ve all just accepted this “new normal” … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / August 23rd, 2011

An Intimate Discussion with Brenden Mulligan, CEO of OneSheet, the One Stop Solution for Artists

A few weeks ago, I was very fortunate to interview Brenden Mulligan, the CEO of OneSheet. For those of you who don’t know, OneSheet is a completely free website which allows musicians to connect their … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / August 17th, 2011

Has the Economic Downturn Ended Mobile Advertising Before it Began?

Is Mobile Advertising Over Before it Began? One or Two Standouts Still in the Game Unlike social media marketing, social advertising seems to be taking a big hit from the never-ending recession we find ourselves … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / August 6th, 2011

Tech + Media – The Honeymoon Between GoogleTV and Logitech Ends, but the Marriage Continues

The marriage of tech and media is definitely a rocky one at times, and Web TV is no exception.  Despite all promises, like all relationships things are always evolving between tech and media – and … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / July 29th, 2011

Social Media Wars – How Wide Do We Open the Kimono? Google+, Facebook, Etc.

  By now, you may have heard the name Michael Lee Johnson.  He’s a young web developer who recently tried to promote his presence on Google+ by taking out a Facebook Ad.  What’s wrong with … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / July 22nd, 2011

Apple – Building a Brand, Leaving a Legacy

There’s this thing in life that most of us have experienced. It’s a sort of metaphysical passing of one’s self. Those moments when you pass a place you know and can almost see your younger … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / July 19th, 2011
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