Nathan Brookwood

In 1998 Nathan founded Insight 64, a semiconductor marketing consultancy. Best known for his knowledge of the semiconductor market, he also works in closely allied system markets where semiconductor technology plays a key role. He has assisted established suppliers and embryonic start-up ventures in the areas of strategic planning, business planning, product definition, product positioning, marketing communications and analyst relations. Nathan honed his 32-bit insights as Director of Marketing for Micronics, a PC component supplier, and at the Intergraph Advanced Processor Division that developed the Clipper RISC microprocessor. Before Intergraph, he developed his 12-, 16-, and early 32-bit insights during 18 years in the computer systems industry, working for Univac (now part of Unisys), Digital Equipment Corp. (now part of HP), Prime Computer, and Convergent Technologies (now part of Unisys).