Rosen Sharma

Sharma is President & CEO of BlueStacks. Prior to that he was most recently SVP & CTO at McAfee Inc. He held several positions at McAfee including CTO of Endpoint Business Unit ($1B USD in Revenue) and CTO of Virtualization. He arrived at McAfee via the acquisition of Solidcore Systems in June 2009. Rosen was the founding CEO of Solidcore from 2003 to 2008. Prior to that he co-founded several successful companies: VxTreme (acquired by Microsoft), Ensim, Teros (acquired by Citrix), GreenBorder (acquired by Google), and Teneros. He served on the board of (acquired by Citrix). He serves as an advisor to Atlantis Computing. Rosen's roots are in technology. He graduated from IIT Delhi with a Gold Medal and a Ph.D. from Cornell University/Stanford. He briefly served on the faculty at Cornell. He also helped start Mentor Partners, which works with entrepreneurs in India.