Sponsor: FileMaker

Many thanks to FileMaker for sponsoring Tech.pinions.

Complete platform for custom business solutions
The FileMaker Platform is a complete line of desktop and server software used to design, build, deploy and manage data-driven business solutions for iPad and iPhone. These custom solutions also run on Windows, Mac and in web browsers.

This comprehensive development environment allows you to:

  1. Design and build stunning solutions and deploy them on iOS, Windows, Mac and web browsers
  2. Integrate mobile solutions into existing enterprise and departmental systems
  3. Deploy solution updates in real time as requirements evolve
  4. Manage and secure solutions using
  5. industry-standard authentication
  6. Build custom solutions in hours, not weeks

Designing and developing custom business solutions has never been easier. Using the FileMaker Platform, solutions can be prototyped and completed in hours or days versus weeks or months. No iOS application programming or design experience is required.

Click to learn more and see use cases studies of how other business are using FileMaker to deploy business solutions for iPad.