Is Gorilla Glass 5 the End of the road for Sapphire Screens?

A few years ago, Apple made a very interesting decision to pursue sapphire screens for use in iPhones. The reason is that sapphire is virtually scratch proof and one of the hardest materials next to … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / July 27th, 2016
Real-time 360 Video Stitching

Creating New Worlds

The SIGGRAPH trade show is the holy grail of computer graphics and, increasingly, mobile graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s here where GPU vendors introduce some of their latest creations, software companies debut new … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / July 26th, 2016

Huawei vs Samsung: Rivers of Blood

Huawei flat-lines, passes advantage to Samsung  The first indications for the smartphone market in Q2 16A are pointing to a loss of momentum for Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo. It will put a crimp in their … Continue reading

Richard Windsor / July 25th, 2016

Podcast: Softbank ARM Purchase And Its Impact On The Semiconductor Market

In this week’s Tech.pinions podcast Tim Bajarin, Ben Bajarin and Bob O’Donnell discuss the surprising announcement of Softbank’s intention to purchase ARM and what its potential implications are for the future of the semiconductor market. … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / July 23rd, 2016
businessman holding in hand 5G, technology background

5G Reality Check

To use an oft-cited term from our election season, last week was Huge…YUGE…for 5G in the United States. Two important things happened. First, the FCC announced its ‘Spectrum Frontiers’ plan to make 3.85 GHz of … Continue reading

Mark Lowenstein / July 22nd, 2016
Augmented reality. Keyboard

Will AR Supersede VR in Consumer Adoption?

With all of the interest and hullabaloo around Pokemon Go and its clever use of AR, one has to wonder if AR has superseded VR as “The Next Big Thing” or is it a one … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / July 21st, 2016

The New Female Emojis are Our Friends

I have shared stories before of when, at the start of the smartphone market, I would go into meetings with male colleagues and they would be shown the powerful new gadget while I was shown … Continue reading

Carolina Milanesi / July 20th, 2016
iOS Home App

The State of Smart Homes

The promise was big, the hype was bigger, but the reality, well, let’s just say, not exactly earth-shattering. Several years after the concept of the smart home started making waves—the first Nest thermostat was introduced … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / July 19th, 2016
Concept Powerful, Fast CPU / Computer Processor Circuit Board

Moore’s Law Begins and Ends with Economics

Much has been written about the demise of Moore’s Law, the observation that the number of components in a dense, integrated circuit doubles every 24 months. This “law” has governed much of how we think … Continue reading

Shawn DuBravac / July 18th, 2016

Techpinions Podcast: Implications of Pokemon Go

Ben Bajarin, Tim Bajarin, and Jan Dawson discuss the current and future implications of Pokemon Go.

Ben Bajarin / July 16th, 2016

Survey Says: Companies are Ready to Embrace Augmented Reality

The impressive success and resulting media coverage around Pokémon Go shows that, packaged the right way, even rudimentary augmented reality technology has appeal to consumers. However, I’ve long maintained AR has the potential to drive … Continue reading

Tom Mainelli / July 15th, 2016
Swift Shoelaces 1

Swift Playgrounds is a Step in the Right Direction for Education Tech

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece in this spot about how tech companies like Apple and Google need to raise the bar in their education efforts. At that point, they had largely provided … Continue reading

Jan Dawson / July 14th, 2016
Abstract style illustration depicting printed circuit board components with a next generation concept.

When a Hardware Product is Done

We all know how software is really never done. There are always new updates to refine, fix and add another feature. But what about hardware? Are there some products you can say are mature and … Continue reading

Phil Baker / July 13th, 2016
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an AR Watershed

No, it’s not the first and no, it’s not the best. But, there is no question that the incredible success of the Pokemon Go game is an absolute watershed moment for augmented reality. Despite serious … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / July 12th, 2016
Machine learning Word Cloud Concept

Toward a Smarter Software Future

The more I think about the recent breakthroughs in machine learning and deep learning algorithms, the more I think we are finally heading toward a smarter software future. For years I had been writing about … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / July 11th, 2016

Tech.pinions Podcast: Social Media’s Impact on Our Times

This week Ben Bajarin, Jan Dawson, and Carolina Milanesi discuss social media’s impact on our times. With current events and major global events seemingly occurring more and more every day, social media is changing how … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / July 9th, 2016
Base station-4

3.5 GHz Spectrum: An Opportunity for the U.S. to Lead in Wireless Innovation

On April 28, 2016, the FCC released its Second Report and Order to create the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in the 3550-3700 MHZ (3.5 GHz) band, making available 150 MHz of spectrum for mobile … Continue reading

Mark Lowenstein / July 8th, 2016
Mature assistant showing flat screen TV to couple in electronics section of hypermarket

The Challenge of Selling Experiences

There’s a famous story about the Pepsi Challenge campaign back in the 1980s and Coca-Cola’s related (and misguided) decision to launch New Coke in 1985. The story – as told by Malcolm Gladwell in his … Continue reading

Jan Dawson / July 7th, 2016

The iPad Pro might be Apple’s “Back to School” Dark Horse

The “Back to School” season in the US always offers a good boost to Apple’s sales. Traditionally, Apple launches its Back to School promotions in June or early July and, while 2015 was a bit … Continue reading

Carolina Milanesi / July 6th, 2016

Car Wars: The Battle for Automotive Tech

And so it has begun. With the announcement late last week by BMW, Intel, and Mobileye of a new reference platform for autonomous cars—expected to be available in model year 2021 vehicles—the battle lines are … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / July 5th, 2016
Man fix server network in data center room .

The Future of Company Devices may be as a Service

Procurement and deployment of the PC and other devices is about to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century as a growing number of companies explore the potential benefits of PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) and … Continue reading

Tom Mainelli / July 1st, 2016
India. 3D. India map with flag

How Apple can Grow in India

India has gone from never being mentioned on Apple earnings calls to being a frequent topic of discussion both in Tim Cook’s prepared remarks and in the analyst Q&A that follows — there were ten … Continue reading

Jan Dawson / June 30th, 2016

Are We about to Enter a New “Golden Era” in Technology?

At the recent Code Conference, Jeff Bezos made a rather provocative statement when he said that when we talk about technology we are on “the edge of a golden era”. When it comes to Artificial … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / June 29th, 2016
HD Audio and Analog Synth

Digital Audio Progress Highlights Tech’s More Human Future

What happens when a technology gets as good as it can? It’s an interesting question, and not necessarily as far-fetched or ill-timed as you may imagine. Consider the world of digital audio. As a musician, … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / June 28th, 2016

Apple has A Reputation for Discarding Legacy Features before the Competition

Apple has a reputation for discarding legacy features on their products well before their competition and sometimes before their time. Each time it does so, it creates a firestorm of reaction. You might think Apple … Continue reading

Phil Baker / June 27th, 2016
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