iPhone 6s

Two Technologies That Could Spur New iPhone Growth

Apple’s last earnings call made it clear the spectacular iPhone growth of the past has peaked. Although Apple is still doing well in services, Macs, and even iPhones, the drop in iPhone sales has left … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / May 4th, 2016
Deep Learning

Learning About Deep Learning

The concept is certainly compelling. Having a machine capable of reacting to real-world visual, auditory or other type of data and then responding, in an intelligent way, has been the stuff of science fiction until … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / May 3rd, 2016

Apple’s Uncharted Territory

The more I have reflected on what is happening right now in the consumer technology industry, in particular Apple’s position, the more a key observation hits me. Apple is in uncharted territory. I don’t mean … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / May 2nd, 2016

Podcast: Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon Earnings

In this week’s Tech.pinions podcast Bob O’Donnell, Carolina Milanesi and Jan Dawson discuss the recent earnings reports from Apple, Samsung, Facebook and Amazon and analyze their impact on the overall tech market. If you happen … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / April 30th, 2016

The Challenges of Retail for Startup Hardware Companies

In a recent column, I covered some of the challenges entrepreneurs have in getting their products into retail. This column explores the issue in more detail. It’s based on an interview I had with James … Continue reading

Phil Baker / April 29th, 2016
Screenshot 2016-04-27 17.22.34

Facebook’s Opportunity

Facebook reported earnings for the first quarter of 2016 on Wednesday and they bucked what’s been the trend for most of the other big tech companies so far this earnings season. The company reported phenomenal … Continue reading

Jan Dawson / April 28th, 2016
Nike app

The Apple Watch Keeps My iPhone Addiction Under Control

Over the past year, many people, on noticing the Apple Watch on my wrist, could not help themselves but ask, “So, how do you like your Apple Watch?” After a short pause, my answer has … Continue reading

Carolina Milanesi / April 27th, 2016
End Sign

The End of Hardware?

The picture isn’t pretty. Whether it’s PCs, tablets, smart watches or now, even smartphones, the outlook for most major hardware device categories is not looking good, particularly here in the US. The issue is that … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / April 26th, 2016

What We’re Learning from Smartwatch Adoption

A year ago today, Apple released its long-anticipated Apple Watch. Over the ensuing year, we’ve learned a lot about an entirely new tech category. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) estimates 17 million smartwatches were sold … Continue reading

Shawn DuBravac / April 25th, 2016

Apple Shouldn’t Cross That Road Till They Come To It

Part 1: Argument On April 19, 2016, Ben Thompson of Stretechery wrote: Apple’s Organizational Crossroads. If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend you read it now. In a nutshell, Ben Thompson’s contention is: … Continue reading

John Kirk / April 24th, 2016

Podcast: Tech Earnings from Intel, Microsoft, Google and Verizon

This week Tim Bajarin, Jan Dawson and Bob O’Donnell discuss recent earnings reports and related news from major tech companies Intel, Microsoft, Google and Verizon. If you happen to use a podcast aggregator or want … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / April 23rd, 2016
Woman buys a digital tablet

The PC Industry’s Consumer Conundrum

The computer industry continues to experience tough times, as evidenced by IDC’s preliminary 1Q16 shipment numbers and Intel’s recent quarterly earnings data. Charles Arthur wrote a good column on the topic last week. I’d like … Continue reading

Tom Mainelli / April 22nd, 2016
Regulation Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as rules, enforce, government and more.

Technology’s Relationship with Government is Complicated

This week, the European Commission finally issued its preliminary findings in its investigation of Google’s Android operating system. Also this week, Apple’s general counsel Bruce Sewell testified in front of a United States congressional committee … Continue reading

Jan Dawson / April 21st, 2016

Huawei’s Push into the High End Depends on Continued Growth of its Honor

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend Huawei’s Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, China. I had the chance to hear senior management talk about the company’s strategy in the different segments it operates. While I … Continue reading

Carolina Milanesi / April 20th, 2016
Yahoo spending on traffic acquisition

Is Firefox Search Worth $375M/Year to a Yahoo Buyer?

Marissa Mayer and Firefox: can the marriage last? Photo of Marissa Mayer by Fortune Global Forum on Flickr. Who stands to lose if Yahoo is sold — besides of course Marissa Mayer, who will probably … Continue reading

Charles Arthur / April 20th, 2016

Enterprise IoT Drives Indirect Savings

It was supposed to be about the money. Primarily saving it, but possibly even making some. In the real world, however, it turns out that process and innovation trump the dollar when it comes to … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / April 19th, 2016
Security in technology concept

Apple’s Penchant for Consumer Security

At a security “deep dive” at Apple on Friday, executives went into depth on Apple security philosophy and technological approach to the matter. I’ve sat through many technology company’s technical briefings but never one from … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 18th, 2016

Podcast: Huawei Analyst Event, Facebook F8 Developer’s Conference, Bots

This week Bob O’Donnell, Jan Dawson and Carolina Milanesi discuss Huawei’s Analyst Event in Shenzen, China, the Facebook F8 Developer’s Conference, and the opportunities and challenges for software bots. If you happen to use a … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / April 16th, 2016
cellular communication towers on blue sky

How Many Wireless Competitors Should There Be?

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.K. regulator, Ofcom, is opposing the proposed merger between Three and O2. In France, regulators have put obstacles in front of a proposed merger between … Continue reading

Mark Lowenstein / April 15th, 2016
Digital Healthcare Assistance and Diagnosis as Concept

The Limits of Bots

We’ve now had two major developer events in a row where chat bots were a significant theme, with both Microsoft’s Build and now Facebook’s F8 focusing on this rapidly emerging new form of interaction with … Continue reading

Jan Dawson / April 14th, 2016
My Raspberry PI Alexa

There is A Revolution Ahead and It Has A Voice

During the early computer era of the 1960s, it was thought there would only be the need for a few dozen computers. By the 1970s, there were just over 50,000 computers in the world. Computers … Continue reading

Brian Roemmele / April 12th, 2016

Tidbits about Bots

The software world is all atwitter about the latest technology to head their way: bots. Touted by some as the next evolution of apps and others as the critical first step in enabling realistic human-to-machine … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / April 12th, 2016
sale of laptops in store

Is Retail Hindering Product Innovation?

As I work with tech startup companies to create and manufacture their new hardware products, one of the frequent challenges is the difficulty in meeting their sales expectations. All of the excitement and anticipation during … Continue reading

Phil Baker / April 11th, 2016

The Apple iPhone Is The Biggest Fish In The Biggest Tech Pond

There has been an awful lot of negative talk concerning Apple this past month. In response, Jan Dawson wrote an excellent article for Techpinions entitled, “Why 2016 isn’t 1997 for Apple”. I encourage you to … Continue reading

John Kirk / April 10th, 2016

Podcast: NVIDIA GTC, Samsung Pre-Earnings, Huawei P9

This week Bob O’Donnell, Ben Bajarin and Carolina Milanesi discuss NVIDIA’s GPU Technology conference, Samsung’s positive pre-earnings and the release of Huawei’s P9 smartphone. If you happen to use a podcast aggregator or want to … Continue reading

Bob O'Donnell / April 9th, 2016