How to Think about Windows 10 S

A few weeks ago, I went to NYC to be at the Windows 10 S launch. Leading up to the event, there had been many rumors floating around about a potential new OS from Microsoft on the horizon aimed at education that would take on Google’s Chrome OS. Various rumors suggested it would be called Windows Cloud or be a “skinny” version of Windows.

The Windows 10 S Dilemma for PC OEMs

I flew out to New York city for the Microsoft education event earlier this week as I was extremely interested in this new education version of Windows 10 S just introduced. This new OS is a lighter version of Windows 10 and optimized for education. It is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS. Microsoft has sandboxed their app store so only those apps run on Windows 10 S along with any Web apps. You have an option to upgrade to a full version of Windows 10 for $50 but, for education markets, Windows 10 S would work fine.

Forum Topics: Microsoft Smartphones, iPhones in China, Slice Apple Watch Data

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How Long Will Microsoft Keep Making Smartphones?
With the recent news of layoffs and restructuring what is the future of Windows Phone and does Microsoft need it to be successful.

Latest iPhone In China Charts via Baidu
Long time readers will know I have access to data from Baidu (China’s leading search engine) that helps me track iPhones in China as a percentage of iOS devices accessing Baidu. I’ve updated these charts up through June and added some commentary around the most recent trends.

Thoughts on Slice Apple Watch Data
I shared some of my thoughts on the Slice Apple Watch sales data that is circulating the news outlets. There is already a great discussion happening on this forum thread.

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