Consumer Tech Industry Maturity. Observations and Implications

It is becoming clear the consumer tech industry has reached maturity. This seems like an odd thing to say given how long the tech industry has been around, but as I’ve observed through the years, the consumer tech part of the industry is relatively young. PCs didn’t truly go mass market until the mid-2000s and the most personal computer ever invented, the smartphone is only now showing signs of functioning like a mature market. Nearly every single data point I collect sends a signal that consumer tech is now reaching full maturity which will shift the industry dynamics dramatically for everyone looking to compete.

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Ben Bajarin

Ben Bajarin is a Principal Analyst and the head of primary research at Creative Strategies, Inc - An industry analysis, market intelligence and research firm located in Silicon Valley. His primary focus is consumer technology and market trend research and he is responsible for studying over 30 countries. Full Bio