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Google Nexus Q: A Confused Product

Wednesday, Google kicked off their annual developers conference in San Francisco.  Dubbed Google I/O, the conference is targeted at developers in the Google ecosystem.  It is meant to woo them so that they keep developing … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / June 29th, 2012

Why is Microsoft’s Surface obsessed with Keyboards?

IS THE KEYBOARD THE KEY TO THE SURFACE? On June 18, 2012, Microsoft announced it’s new Surface Tablet. There are many questions swirling around the Surface, but one the more subtle, yet more important, questions … Continue reading

John Kirk / June 28th, 2012

Android’s 7-Inch Tablet Future

It wasn’t a secret that Google was going to announce a 7-inch Nexus tablet made by Asus and running Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chipset. And announce it Google did yesterday to much applause and fan fare. … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 27th, 2012

Surface vs. UltraBooks

Last week I pointed out the competitive dilemma for OEMs when it comes to Surface. A key point in my mind is how tablets are becoming the next generation computers for the mass market. What … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 26th, 2012

Why I Love Twitter

I don’t expect everyone to love twitter. In fact I anticipate that many have mixed feelings about the service. Twitter is one of those things that I believe works great for some people but not … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 25th, 2012

Usefulness Is the Greatest Feature of All

“The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.” “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” – John Maeda from his book The Laws of Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life Years … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 22nd, 2012

The Surface and the iPad

I have ridiculed companies like Samsung for simply copying Apple’s tablet strategy and for not showing any vision, so I’ll give Microsoft credit for at least coming out with some new ideas with the Microsoft … Continue reading

Jim Dalrymple / June 21st, 2012

Microsoft Surface and the OEM Dilemma

On Tuesday Patrick pointed out that the dynamic between OEMs and Microsoft may be forever changed. The primary reason for this being that Microsoft has signaled intent to compete directly with their partners in the … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 21st, 2012

The Apple iPad Tablet vs. the Microsoft Surface Anti-Tablet

Last night, Microsoft introduced us to the their Microsoft branded Surface Tablet. Never have we seen such a clear line of demarcation between Apple’s and Microsoft’s visions of what a tablet should be. And at … Continue reading

John Kirk / June 20th, 2012
HP's TouchPad

Microsoft Surface Reveals the Cost of HP’s webOS Folly

With Microsoft’s planned launch of the Surface tablet, the full cost of Hewlett-Packard’s grotestque mishandling of the purchase and abandonment of Palm’s webOS has become clear.  HP’s Personal Systems Group now finds itself in the … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / June 20th, 2012

Surface Changes the Microsoft, OEM Dynamic Forever

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Surface, a Microsoft-branded line of Windows tablets and convertibles. While details on battery life, pricing and availability were not available, Surface looks very impressive at first glance. The most unique feature is … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / June 19th, 2012
Photo of Samsung ATIV Tab (Samsung)

Microsoft Should License Surface Technology and Brand to Partners

Microsoft’s Surface PCs are yet to hit the market so it may sound odd for me to propose what I am about to propose. However, the potential impact of a Microsoft branded tablet for their … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 18th, 2012

The Terrible Tablet Tsunami and the Future of Computing

IDC just issued a press release updating their expectations for tablet shipments. Here are their numbers, year by year: 2010: 19.5 million tablet shipments. 2011: 69.6 million tablet shipments. 2012: 107.4 million estimated tablet shipments. … Continue reading

John Kirk / June 18th, 2012

HSA Foundation: for Show or for Real?

I recently spent a few days at AMD’s Fusion Developer Summit in Seattle, Washington.  Among many of the announcements was one to introduce the HSA Foundation, an organization  currently including AMD, ARM,  Imagination, MediaTek, and … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / June 15th, 2012
Picture of blank CD

An Install CD? Really?

Hard drive powerhouse Western Digital is getting into the home networking business with a new line of high-speed wireless routers, some with built-in storage, that the company says are optimized for streaming media around the … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / June 14th, 2012

The One Thing I Want to See from Microsoft

I have been following the news coming out of Microsoft’s TechEd conference closely. I was scheduled to attend the event but family circumstances altered my plan. There are a host of things that are of … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 13th, 2012

Why We Started Tech.pinions

June 13, 2012 marks the one-year anniversary of our site, Tech.pinions. In light of its anniversary, I thought I would share why we felt compelled to attempt something different within the public tech media forum, … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 13th, 2012
Photo of Mac Book Pro

Does Apple Love PCs More Than Microsoft?

Does Apple, the post-PC company, have more faith in the future of PCs, than Microsoft? The idea may seem a stretch, seeing how Apple’s business is now dominated by iPhones and iPads, but it may … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / June 13th, 2012

The Apple Promise To Their Customers

I don’t normally put out an article about another article I have written but for this particular one I wanted to share it. In my weekly column for the tech section of I wrote … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 12th, 2012

The Most Amazing Notebook Yet

It is possible that for many tech industry enthusiasts and followers that by my title alone you know what product I am talking about. In case you don’t know I am talking about Apple’s newest … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 11th, 2012

The Apple Ecosystem Just Got Stronger

Apple today at their World Wide Developers Conference released a number of things that have made their ecosystem even stronger. I am of the opinion that one of the best ways to analyze computing platforms … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 11th, 2012

The Next Big Thing: Apple WWDC

It’s no surprise to see Apple race on, barely missing a beat since Steve’s passing – leading global innovation as it has this new millennium. In just a few hours the next Apple WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) will … Continue reading

Kelli Richards / June 11th, 2012

Following Up: Equal Access To Television

At a panel on wireless spectrum that I moderated yesterday at the Tech Policy Summit in Napa, I raised the idea of repurposing the 294 MHz* of spectrum devoted to over-the-air television for wireless data. … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / June 8th, 2012

Why We Need More Specialty Tech Retail

Big box tech retail had its time but for certain types of technology I am convinced there is a better way to sell. I am convinced this is the case because big box retail simply … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / June 8th, 2012

Apple’s Television

People have been talking about an Apple television for the last couple of years, but nobody knows for sure if the company will actually make one or not. I wouldn’t count Apple out of that … Continue reading

Jim Dalrymple / June 7th, 2012
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