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Big-Box Retailers are Not Helping PC Sales

Last week, I wrote about the “softer” and arguably some of the more important PC attributes. Toward the end of that column, I threw out there a few examples of how U.S. big-box retail isn’t … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / April 30th, 2013

iPhone 5 Versus Galaxy S4 A War Of Less Versus More

Last week, within the span of 24 hours, the two dominant players in the global smartphone wars released…not new smartphones, but new commercials. Both were very well done. They are also very different. Both ads … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / April 27th, 2013

Android’s Leaky Bucket

John Paczkowski over at AllThingsD covered a report written by Carl Howe, VP of the Yankee Group. Carl makes a bold statement, indicating iPhone ownership in the US will exceed Android US ownership by 2015. … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 26th, 2013

The Soft Improvements in new PCs Could be their Biggest Draw

Last week was an ugly week for the computer world. The IDC figures that came out for Q1 said that it was the biggest contraction the PC market that had ever been seen since their … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / April 26th, 2013

Apple In Perspective

Apple has been taking a real beating on Wall Street and in the press lately. But are we losing our long-term perspective by focusing so intently on quarterly results? Stock Market The Stock Market is … Continue reading

John Kirk / April 25th, 2013
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Why Internet Sales Taxes Are Inevitable

Later today, the U.S. Senate will consider, and probably pass, a bill that allows states to collect sales taxes on online purchases shipped from other states. Though its fate in the rabidly anti-tax House is … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / April 25th, 2013

FileMaker Can Settle the iPad Productivity Argument

Of all the endless arguments that roil the tech world, there is none I find more tiresome than the endless debate over whether the iPad can be used for “real work.” My iPad has been … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / April 24th, 2013

Can Carriers Handle a Low-End iPhone?

There is a good discussion happening online at the comment that I want to comment on. Horace Dediu has written several good pieces on the job the iPhone is hired to do. In his latest … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 23rd, 2013

Poll: PC Purchasing Intent

Whether you are in the market for a new PC or not, we would love to hear your feedback on what is keeping you from upgrading your current PC. Feel free to fill in your … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 23rd, 2013

The Next Evolution In User Interfaces

With the introduction of the iPhone, Apple introduced the touch UI and literally changed the way people interact with their smartphones. When they extended the touch UI to the iPad, it set in motion an … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / April 23rd, 2013

The PCs New Role as an Appliance

I have written and spoken often about my conviction that the role of the PC is changing. The personal computer as defined by a desktop and clamshell form factor was, for many years, the only … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 22nd, 2013

The PC Industry of the Past Is Not the PC Industry of the Future

We are, without question, an industry in transition. The 500 lb. gorillas who once dominated the technology industry are experiencing and undergoing major transitions and a new type of growing pain. And for many, this … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 19th, 2013

The Opinion Cast: The PC Slumps

There are a lot of questions and raging debates about the future of the traditional PC form factor. The Bajarin’s discuss a few recent columns where they have shared thoughts on what they believe will … Continue reading

The Tech.pinions Team / April 18th, 2013

Touch Computing Is Touching Every Part Of Our Lives

We Live In Amazing Times We live in amazing times. The modern smartphone (really, a portable pocket computer) is only 6 years old. The modern tablet is only 3 years old. Yet the combination of … Continue reading

John Kirk / April 18th, 2013

Cord-cutters Beware: It’s Going To Get Expensive

The are many reasons why television viewers choose to cut the cord, to be among the 15% or so of Americans who get by without a cable or satellite feed. But probably the most important … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / April 17th, 2013

Google “Plays” With Android Activation Numbers

“…there are now 1.5 million Android devices being activated every day, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said Tuesday. That’s led to more than 750 million Android phones currently in use.” ~ Erica Ogg, Gigaom Google changed … Continue reading

John Kirk / April 16th, 2013

Facebook Home’s Uniquely Flawed Experience Examined

Facebook announced last week their new experience for Android smartphones, called Facebook Home. This is Facebook’s first major attempt to control more of the phone’s experience without actually selling a phone.   Facebook Home is pre-installed … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / April 16th, 2013

Forget Mad Men Or Breaking Bad. Give Me The Recurring Tales Of Microsoft.

People are often surprised to discover that I rarely watch television. Make no mistake, though. I’m no culture snob. It’s just that tracking tech companies is so much more fascinating. None more so than Microsoft. … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / April 15th, 2013

The Revenge of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ original vision for Apple was to own the PC market. When he and Steve Wozniak created the original Apple PC, they fully expected to be the company that brought the PC to the … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / April 12th, 2013

Office for Tablets: Delay Could Be Death

The usually very well-informed Mary Jo Foley reports at ZDNet that we won’t see major improvement in Microsoft Office for tablets until next year, spring of 2014 for Windows RT and fall for the long-awaited … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / April 11th, 2013

Google’s New Android Math Doesn’t Add Up

According to Gartner, Android sold 144,720,300 units in the fourth quarter of 2012. But let me ask you this: Who cares? Does Samsung care how many “Android” units were sold? No, they do not. They … Continue reading

John Kirk / April 11th, 2013

The HTC One: Setting a New Bar for Android Phones

I’ve been using the HTC One for a few weeks now as my primary smartphone and I have to say it is an impressive device on many levels. The HTC One is undoubtedly the best … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / April 10th, 2013

The School Standards Debate: Time for Tech To Weigh In

  Tech people are very fond of whining about the U.S. educational system, complaining that it is not producing the sort of workers they need. With a few notable exceptions–Bill and Melinda Gates and Dean … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / April 10th, 2013

HP’s New Servers Take a Page from the Smartphone Playbook

Yesterday, HP launched the Moonshot 1500 server, targeted at scale-out datacenters that drive today’s and tomorrow’s mobile applications, internet, big data and IoT. In its its first instantiation, Moonshot increases density, or the numbers of … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / April 9th, 2013

Fox, Aereo, and the End of TV

News Corp. Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey’s threat to pull the Fox network from the airwaves if Aereo wins its legal battle to retransmit over-the-air TV signals without paying for them is probably nothing more … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / April 8th, 2013
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