DNA’s Role in Political Espionage and Beyond

One of the more fascinating stories to come out of the recent US and North Korean summit was the fact that N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un carried his toilet with him to the Singapore meeting with President Trump.

According to multiple accounts, Mr. Kim did this so that no person could get access to his stools to be able to test them for DNA and learn anything about his health. This may sound crazy but given modern DNA testing technology and the fact that we can learn a great deal about a person’s history as well as future health issues from these tests, this move by Mr. Kim does make some sense. He has to be very paranoid based on the damage he has done to N. Korean people and their economy. Keep in mind, he is a dictator and has to be in total control of everything, and this appears to trickle down to his toilet habits as well.

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Tim Bajarin

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