Explaining Away Apple’s Success

On May 31, 2015, John Naughton, penned a story for The Guardian, entitled: If Steve Jobs’s death didn’t ruin Apple, the iCar surely will. I don’t know Mr. Naughton well, but after reading this article, I don’t want to know him well.

The Cult Of Apple

When Steve Jobs was alive it was tempting to draw analogies between Apple and a religious cult.

No. It wasn’t. At least it wasn’t for those of us who who want to understand Apple, rather than to assign Apple’s success to some unknowable mystical agency. Apparently, the occult is the only way that some critics can explain away Apple’s success.

What the mind doesn’t understand, it worships or fears. ~ Alice Walker

Saying that Apple — one of the most successful companies in the world — is like a cult is cognitive dissonance at its worst. The formula goes like this:

— I think Apple’s products are stupid.
— People are buying Apple’s products.
— I’m not stupid so…
— People who are buying Apple’s products must be stupid!

“‘Fashion, bauble, cult, marketing, toy’= ‘I do not understand what this product tries to achieve'” ~ Benedict Evans on Twitter

The moment we label that which we don’t comprehend as “irrational”, is the moment when we end the learning process. Here’s a clue for us all: Just because we don’t understand something does not mean that it can’t be understood. When others are doing something that we don’t understand, we should be striving to lessen our ignorance, not striving mock their ignorance.

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. ~ John Cotton Dana

No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions. ~ Charles Steinmetz

Why do people like Apple’s products? Is it because Apple is a Cult? Or is the answer much simpler and much easier to comprehend?

My philosophy is that everything starts with a great product. ~ Steve Jobs

(Jony Ive) craved products that didn’t force adjustments of behavior, that gave what Powell Jobs called a “feeling of gratitude that someone else actually thought this through in a way that makes your life easier. ~ Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple – The New Yorker

The author of this article could do with a close shave from Occam’s razor. People aren’t buying from Apple because Apple has created a cult. People are buying what Apple’s culture has created.

You Say That Like It’s A Bad Thing

Product launches in the Moscone centre in San Francisco seemed more like evangelist congregations than capitalist rituals. And in the days before the revered new products actually appeared in the cult’s retail outlets, excited worshippers could be seen camping out in surrounding streets.

The Author says that like it’s a bad thing.

The last time I looked at my marketing books, having “evangelist” customers who “revered” one’s products and were so “excited” about the release or those products that they literally camped outside of one’s stores in order to buy those products — was a good thing. In fact, saying it’s a good thing is damning with faint praise. It’s a great thing!

There isn’t a company in the world that wouldn’t sell their metaphorical soul to have customers as enthusiastic, as devoted, and as loyal as those that Apple has. If Apple is a Cult, isn’t that an admirable quality and shouldn’t your company, and every other company, be doing everything in its power to become a cult too?


But, of course, Apple is not a cult. Apple has had failures — which disproves the lazy and tedious claim that Apple’s customers are undiscriminating. When and if the quality of Apple’s products starts to disappear, watch how quickly their “cult-like” followers start to disappear too.

So if Apple is not a Cult — and it’s not — and if Apple attracts customers like no other, then maybe reasonable companies should be asking themselves smarter questions. Questions like:

— What is Apple doing that we are not?
— And why aren’t we doing that too?

The Customer Is King

I remember once being in a British shopping arcade on the day that the local Apple Store opened for the first time. Long queues had formed from the moment the arcade gates had been unlocked that morning. Then came the magic moment: the glass doors opened, a hush fell on the assembled crowd, a group of T-shirted staff walked out, formed a human avenue leading into the store and then clapped rhythmically as the mob surged in.

It was a truly extraordinary moment in which the conventional marketing mantra about the customer being king was turned on its head. In the case of Apple, it seemed, the customers felt privileged to be allowed to enter the store.

(Emphasis added.)

How could the author of this article be more wrong? Let’s review:

— World class retail store;
— Filled with premium products; and
— greeted by a corridor of Apple employees, clapping enthusiastically as one enters the store.

That’s the author’s idea of “the customer being king…turned on its head”? What more does Apple have to do in order to demonstrate that they DO treat their customers like kings — literally put a Tiara on every customer’s head as they enter the store?

The Cult Of Personality

…I concluded that much of this Apple worship could be put down to the astonishingly charismatic personality of Jobs. He was, after all, the only chief executive in the history of the world to be accorded the kind of adulation normally granted to rock stars and messiahs. Apple was obviously a one-man band and he was the Man. It seemed reasonable to conclude when he died, therefore, that the cult of Apple would diminish or at any rate that its share price would have peaked.

How wrong can you be?

Pretty damn wrong, I’d say.

The author has — as so many have before him — reversed cause and effect. People didn’t buy Apple products because they revered Steve Jobs. They revered Steve Jobs became he created products that people wanted to buy. Similarly, people don’t buy Apple products because they like Apple. They buy Apple products because Apple makes products they like.

Dumb And Dumber

Jobs has been succeeded by Tim Cook, a nice man for whom the phrase “charisma deficit” might have been invented. But the cult of Apple is still going strong….

The author admits he was wrong about the cult of Steve Jobs personality, but far be it from him to learn from his mistake. Oh no, he’s doubling down instead. Apple is a cult. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

At this point in Apple’s success story, one has to work awfully hard to still believe that Apple is being powered by cult-like loyalty from an ever larger and larger base of unthinking and uncritical fanboys. One might even say that with their unwavering belief in the unbelievable, it is the critics, not Apple, that are acting like they are part of a cult.

A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. ~ Saul Bellow

Reality Distortion Field

When Jobs was in his pomp, we used to say that he was surrounded by a “reality distortion field” that made it impossible to have an objective view of him.

Did you now? And what exactly was our “distorted” view of Steve Jobs?

— That he created some of the best loved products on the planet?
— The he created one of the greatest companies of our generation?
— That he engineered one of the greatest business comebacks of this generation — or any generation?

Not much reality distortion going on there. All pretty objectively true.

Apparently Steve Jobs had a lifelong battle with reality, and won ~ Scott Adams

The iCar

All kinds of portents – from straws in the wind to chicken entrails and recent corporate hirings – are leading people to conclude that Apple must be working on a car.

Yeah, I’m guessing it’s mostly that last thing — the recent corporate hirings — and not so much the mystical nonsense that you pulled our of your derrière, that has the industry all abuzz.

Why this obsession with cars?

The…possible motivation is at least rational, based on a strategic view that the information technology industry will eventually peak and that it makes sense to have a beach-head in industries such as healthcare and transportation, for which there will always be stable consumer demand.

Say what?

The information technology will eventually peak? Really?

Or, has the author, once again, gotten it all backasswards? Information technology isn’t peaking. On the contrary, software is leaking into every aspect of our lives, including — unsurprisingly — cars.

As Jony Ive’s friend and colleague, Marc Newson, puts it:

There is certainly vast opportunity (for cars) to be more intelligent.

I would add that there is certainly vast opportunity for many of Apple’s critics to be more intelligent, too.

Driving Us Mad

(M)aybe it’s time to consider whether those Apple shares of yours might be approaching their peak. As the ancient Greeks knew, those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

Well, the author of this article is no Greek god, but he’s sure as Hades made me mad. I think he has a lot of gall giving investment advice. Why should we trust the advice of a man who predicts Apple’s fall when it’s pretty darn obvious that he hasn’t a clue as to what caused Apple’s rise?


For almost forty years Apple has proven they can have success doing things in their own unique way. And for most all of those same forty years, critics have derided Apple as a cult. Apple is one of the great success stories of our times. Pretending that Apple’s success is irrational is not only irrational, it does us all a great disservice.

Not to know is bad not to wish to know is worse. ~ African Proverb

We shouldn’t be trying to explain away Apple’s success. We should be trying to explain it.

The Macalopes’s Take

For another take on this article, check out: “Assumption junction: Calling Apple a religion has no function” by the Macalope.

Published by

John Kirk

John R. Kirk is a recovering attorney. He has also worked as a financial advisor and a business coach. His love affair with computing started with his purchase of the original Mac in 1985. His primary interest is the field of personal computing (which includes phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops) and his primary focus is on long-term business strategies: What makes a company unique; How do those unique qualities aid or inhibit the success of the company; and why don’t (or can’t) other companies adopt the successful attributes of their competitors?

915 thoughts on “Explaining Away Apple’s Success”

  1. The very act of “Branding” has many commonalities with cult-like behavior. Sports teams, musical artists, movies and TV, for instance, all have fans (myself included) that display communal, often irrational, behavior (again, myself included). The most irrational difference is the willingness to serve interests above one’s own. That used to be reserved for God, Country, and Family.

    From personal, anecdotal observations, all the above pass the “happily, willingly, stand in line to spend money test”. Branding has it’s place, but it has unfortunately too deeply infiltrated other parts of our lives, such as work, school, and play.

    We have IMO place too much shallow value on what car we drive, who’s coffee we drink, who’s clothes we wear, not as an “objective value” (if there is such a thing) but as an identifier of “who we are”. Brands increase the value of how we are perceived by ourselves and others. The Atlantic sums this up quite nicely.


    As I said, brands (and teams) exhibit many cult-like behaviors. Being only passively aware of the matter, I did a search. Here’s what popped up near the top:

    “Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups – Revised”

    There are many points within where fan behavior (including Apple) strikes close to cult behavior. Just some select points from within:

    -“The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law.” Self evident.

    ‪-“Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.”
    Also know in some circles as “trolling”.
    “I don’t know Mr. Naughton well, but after reading this article, I don’t want to know him well.”-John Kirk

    ‪”-The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel”
    As in “Thing Different”, “Insanely Great”, all the aspirational messages and unifying, self identifying slogans.

    “‪-The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s) and members”
    Self evident, even among many commenters here.

    “-The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality”
    Self evident, but also it’s been noted how Apple does not play well with others. Lock-in, Lock-out.

    “-The group is preoccupied with making money.”
    Self evident. Money has been used by many as a means of justification and keeping score. Even here.

    Apple is not alone in doing these, or striving for these. Not by a long shot, they’re just really good at it, like sports teams, and rock stars.

    1. Apple doesn’t play well with others…except when entire industries fall in line behind them because Apple’s delivered what they want.

      You don’t go by brlawyer, do you?

    2. The tone of Naughton’s column is arrogant and mocking. I think most brand supporters are more than willing to listen to reasoned, even-handed criticism of their brand. I know I am; in fact, I’m constantly looking for people to articulate the real flaws in Apple’s strategy and plan, for I know there are some. But what I usually find are people-who-don’t-understand-the-brand putting forth simplistic-and-easily-refuted positions.

      1. I can assure you that you are. There’s a reflexive defensiveness among many Apple fans though.

          1. Yes. I said as much.
            Fandom, if anything, often carries a passioned irrationality.

            Just say “Bucky Dent” to a Red Sox fan or “Ballmer” to an Apple zealot and observe. 🙂

    3. As near as I can tell, you simply trotted out the same tired tropes and arguments, only in this case you substituted the word “brand” for the word “cult”. Which in turn means that you too simply don’t get it.

      Yep, Apple’s good at promoting their brand. But here’s the thing: Every major corporation has a “brand”. Everyone promotes their brand. Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on using expensive marketers and advertising agencies. It hires people from the same schools and universities.

      And yet if gets different results.

      Figure out how that’s possible, without resorting to cop-out terms like “cult” and “followers” or “brand”, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll start to get it.

      1. First of all, I didn’t limit it to just Apple. I prefaced sports teams and rock stars. Secondly, as the Atlantic article puts it, and as would common sense, any marketer would kill to “cultize” their customer base, filling it with evangelists. I also closed by saying everyone strives for it, but that Apple is particularly good at it.

        So since we agree on all these points, what’s the problem? I do understand it, do you?

        1. Because yet again your comments attribute Apple’s success to its cult… er… brand. But as I said, if it was just “branding” then every other company with a smart marketing department that hires the same ad agency would be just as successful… and they’re not.

          Which brings us back to the point that something else is going on…

        2. Apple is very good at branding and marketing in general. But it’s very good at a lot of other more substantive things. You and I know that if branding is the only thing you’re good at, pretty soon you won’t be good at it either because no amount of branding talent will give you (what you call) mass cult-like following if your product is crap.

          Now, there’s a very big element of hobby and recreation in being a loyal fan of a business establishment. I won’t begrudge or criticize people who choose that for their leisure activity. They could’ve chosen more destructive things to do such as go off-roading and tear up the forests (yeah that’s a deliberate provocation).

          This is one thing that Ron Johnson seems to have failed to realize at JCP. He thought the simplified everyday low-price strategy was going to be welcomed by JCP’s coupon clippers and bargain hunters. Logical, right? We’ll spare you the hassle of seeking out bargains and constantly monitoring for sales. Instead, they hated it and went elsewhere because it turned out hunting for coupons and savoring the thrill of the one-off bargain was their hobby.

  2. I’ve always been puzzled why people like this don’t get it. What is there not to understand? Calling Apple products toys or overpriced is really odd. It is like they hear the notes but don’t experience the music.

  3. Apple cult – oh, how 1984… Naughton’s piece is one of worst bits of clickbait I’ve seen in a long time, did he attend the Dvorak school of Apple assbackwardness?

    1. Pretty much all the UK members over at AppleInsider are almost vitriolic in their hatred of Apple, it’s never ending trolling and whining.

  4. Many columnists will, sooner or later, write a column that reflects their knowledge (or lack of it) and their arrogance (full of it). That’s the sign that it’s time to move on.

  5. Congrats on an intelligent rebuttal to some really fuzzy thinking by Mr. Naughton, who is obviously out of his league. The Guardian just lost a reader for publishing such trash.

  6. The he created one of the greatest companies of our generation?

    Call down the hype train. Greatest in what way? At the end of the day, they only make a damn phone and some computers. Not really changing the world.

    Why do people like Apple’s products? Is it because Apple is a Cult? Or is the answer much simpler and much easier to comprehend?

    It’s called marketing. Which is kind of a form of brainwashing. Like a cult.

    Not much reality distortion going on there. All pretty objectively true.

    That’s not what the reality distortion is about.

    For almost forty years Apple has proven they can have success doing things in their own unique way.

    Um… Apple wasn’t always great and powerful. In fact, until 15 years ago, their products were objectively subpar, almost went bankrupt and nobody cared about them. iTunes changed that. But it’s not 40 years of success.

    1. Will is living proof that you can lead a horse’s ass to the water, but you can’t make him think.

      While Will summarily dismisses the importance, and even the existence, of Apple’s accomplishments, some of us will continue to try to learn from those accomplishments.

    2. “That’s not what the reality distortion is about.”

      Originally, it was about Steve’s ability to inspire his team to achieve the seemingly impossible. He wouldn’t take “that’s impossible” as an answer. He made his team believe that anything was possible, and people started to say that he had some kind of “reality distortion field” around him.

      Now (and for a very long time), critics use the term in precisely the opposite way, as a sneering insult: ie, “The ‘reality’ is that Apple offers nothing more than hype, but its ‘reality distortion field’ is so strong and effective that all of its customers are helplessly duped.”

      John is quite rightly giving you a reality check, and countering the above notion: “It’s not a distortion to assert that Apple customers are not helplessly duped, and that there is in fact a basis for Apple’s success – that Apple creates great products that people like.”

      The main distortion today, is that critics are distorting what the so-called “RDF” ever was, distorting the cause and effect of Apple’s success (as John notes), and distorting the “relationship” that Apple customers have with Apple (as John notes).

      All the distortion going on is on the part of Apple critics; and all of it is hopelessly wrong — these critics will never learn from their cult-like, firmly held beliefs and arrogant attitudes; the same cult-like, firmly held beliefs that unswervingly insist that MS and Google will inevitably eclipse Apple, because “open always wins” and “the Enterprise will never use Apple products” and “Apple is only one misstep away from collapse” and “Apple is too dependent on one product”…

      How is John not accurately addressing the issue of the reality distortion field?

    3. At the end of the day, they only make a damn phone and some computers.
      Not really changing the world.

      You could describe any company like that.

      It’s called marketing. Which is kind of a form of brainwashing. Like a cult.

      Again, every company does marketing.

      But it’s not 40 years of success.

      Their products were great in the 70s, 80s and early 90s as well. 40 years (minus a 10ish year interlude) is accurate.

      And even in the dark years I that “objectively subpar” is too strong a statement.

      1. You could describe any company like that.

        I beg to differ. Creating cheap medicine changes the world, creating GMOs to feed the ever growing human population is changing the world, space exploration is challenging our views of the universe, alternative energy gives us a hope for a better future….

        That’s changing the world. Not selling stuff in pretty packaging that you didn’t even invent.

    4. Computers have not changed anything on planet Earth. Clearly, you are unable to see the forest or the trees, Will.

      1. Computers, not Apple.

        Intel/AMD + Microsoft/Google made cheap and powerful computers available to the masses. Not Apple.

        1. And even then, Fairchild Semiconductor, which begat Intel, but even deeper than that, it was Bell Labs with Shockley (that crazy coot), Bardeen, and Brattain.

          These are the seminal events that let any of these companies take credit for changing the world.

  7. i don’t like apple on general principles and i have only used an iphone for a few minutes 7 years ago. if i were to need a smartphone i would seriously consider an iphone only because it has the best camera.

    1. You don’t need to like Apple to learn from them. It’s clear that they have a lot to teach us if we’re willing to learn. And it’s also clear that we’ll learn nothing from them so long as we refuse assign their successes to smoke, mirrors and mystical incantations.

      1. Mr. Kirk, I believe you meant to say ‘continue to assign..’ rather than ‘refuse to assign…’

        Now. if you will excuse me. I have to light the incense and candles to prepare for the WWDC ritual—Er, I mean KEYNOTE (wink, wink). Been practicing my secret handshake, too.

  8. If I remember correctly, John Naughton said something along the lines of “Apple should grow up and behave like a proper company” in one of his Guardian anti-Apple tirades berating Apple/Jobs for not allowing Adobe Flash to run on the iPhone around 2007/8-ish — I wish I could find the original quote (anyone?). But whatever, it stuck John Naughton indelibly in my mind as someone seeming to be a few gherkins short of the full jar.

  9. “I would add that there is certainly vast opportunity for many of Apple’s critics to be more intelligent, too.”
    It’s great to have you (the intelligent one) back! Hope you are doing well.

  10. The irrational analysis of Apple seems to be: “No matter how much Apple succeeds, Apple is not succeeding.”

  11. It sure was a delight to see your name listed with an article on the homepage. Welcome back John! I’ve missed your articles. I always enjoy your point of view. You are the master of the quoted reference.

    1. Thank you, Edward. I sincerely appreciate your characterization of me as the master of the quoted reference.

      Can I quote you? 🙂

  12. I think the appropriate proverb is;
    “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly”

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Thiss product makes me satisfied.I lofe the fact that the amgle of each probe can be adjustable, which allow me to reach areas that are difficult to reach.The NDT-KITS is an eeasy to use and compact solution for thhe inspection of spiral-welded pipes.A great tool for spiral-welded pipe inspection. It could perform two PAUT as well ass TOFD inspections of probe codes with ease.The main benefit I noticed was the aability to aejust any angle of the probe that allowed me to get into difficult-to-access areas without difficulty.I was very impressed by the ease of use and the practicality of NDT-KITS UTS-10 mouse.This product is very easy to operate and particularly suitable for spiral welded pipe welding inspection. I love its compact and functional style.I’m very pleasedd with the NDT-KITS welding scanner that I purchased. This scanner is well suited for inspection of pipe butt welds over 6″
    (150mm) alng tһe axis, as ᴡell as inspection of
    flat butt welds.Ι аm impressed bʏ the capability оf the scanner to
    ᴡork with foսr probe clamps, аs ѡell as a single wheel-type encoder.
    Τhіs alⅼows me to perform scans with efficiency ɑnd accuracy.NDT-KITS οffers PA probes ass well
    TOFD probes at no cost aсcording to mү inspection needs.
    This scanner for welding realⅼy offers an entire
    solution that simplifies my work.I have used the NDT-KITS product Ultrasonic
    Scanner tо conuct welding inspections οf pipe butts and I’ve been satisfied ᴡith its performance.Tһis scanner is suitable foor pipes ᴡith a diameter ߋf mօгe than 150mm and iѕ in a position tߋ ցive exact reѕults foг inspection.Ӏ’m extremely
    satisfied ѡith thhe welding scanner Ӏ purchased. Ӏt іs
    ideal to inspect butt welding pipes ᴡith a diameter tһat exceeds 6.”I paired it with four probe clamps as well as aan encoder thaat was a wheel, and the results were stunning.I am very satisxfied of what I have purchased. excellent workmanship. NDT-KITS aoso offers the option of free colocation between PA probes and TOFD probes depending on my requirements for inspection.In my opinion, this tool provides very high reliability and flexibility in pipe welding tests; I love it and that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.Thee product itself is very good I strongly recommend the scanner for welding to professionals seeking a reliable tool to inspect pipe welds.The welding scanner NDT-KITS is extremely simple to use. I applied it for pipe butt weld inspection, according to what I expected.It has four probe clamps, as well as an encoder with a single wheel making it simple to operate and change.This scanner provides convenience and comfort when performing testing for pippe welding. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use welding scanner, the NDT-KITS is a good selection.This tool was used for pipe butt weld inspection in axial directions, and also flat butt weld inspection, and the results were very satisfying.Very great, With this scanner, I am able to quickly perfolrm welding inspections and get accurate result. If you’re in seearch of an easy-to-use welding scanner, the NDT-KITS is the bes selection.I’m extremely satisfied with the NDT-KITS Scanner I got. This scanner is specially designed ffor the inspection of pipe circumferentially Circumference Welds having the diameter of 100mm. it is a very good scanner.Its ergonomic mouse design allows it to be fficient and easy to use. Also, I love the hidden design of the encoder, which prevents data loss by the encoder’s slip-track as well as prolongs the lifetime for the encoder.It’s a fantastic product. the scanner provides a tight connection between and the Phased Array probe and the workpiece surface and a sufficient co-coupling effect.I would recommend NDT-KITS to everyone needing a trusted and easy scanner to carry out on-the-go inspections.The mouse scanner NDT-KITS UTS06 hhas proven to be extrsmely reliable iin round-the-clock inspections; I’ve used it for checks.Its ergonomic mouse style design enables mee to work it effortlessly and comfortably.Thiis NDT-KITS Scanner is extremely simple to use. Its design resembles a mouse allows it to be intuitive and pleasant to use. I’m very pleased with its capabilities.Fantastic product. I’m extremely impressed by the feature to hide dessign of encoders that helps to prevent data loss and extends the lifespan of the encoder.I also appreciated thee ability to adjust clamping of the probe. This allowed me to easily perform horizontal scans as well as vertical scans.I’m very pleased with the high-end quality of NDT KITS. The scanner has been built at a very high quality and was specifically developed.The qualities of the strong magnetic wheel and pressure spring are excellent, making sure that they are a perfect connection with the Phased Array probe and thee workpiece surface.Excellent product, and excellent service for those searching for a premium weld scanner, I recommend NDT-KITS.I have used the NDT-KITS Scanner to check the circumferentiality of the pipe’s circumference welds as well as plate butt welds, and I have been very impressed with its capabilities.It’s a great product, and greatly helps me in my work. Also, the mouse-type ergonomic design makes it very comfortable for inspection operations.I was extremely impressed by the product; the strong magnetic wheel’s power and the high-pressure springs keep the Phased Array probe securely in place and provide optimal connection.I am able to scan acrss multiple directionjs and with highh precision; the NDT-KITS is a very high-quality device that gives accurate results in all round examination.Thhe NDT-KITS Scanner is easy to operate. Its design iis excellent and ensures it is comfortable to use.Being a user of the NDT-KITS, I admit that it is extremely comfortable to use due to its clever mouse-type ergonopmic design.They are excelllent products. All of them can greatly assist me when it comes to conducting round-the-clock checks of Pipe Circumferential Wlds as well as the Plate Butt Welds.As an in-house inspector I would highly recommend NDT-KITS. Its mousse ergonomic design and storage for encoders functionality guarantee the practicality of the instrument.The tool is usually easy to operate even though it employs sophisticated technology, such as Phased Arrays.The recycled components used to make the device is satisfying. As the proprietor of an inspection company I am delighted with the results produced by NDT-KITS.Great product. I strongly suggest this product for everyone needing a top-quality tools for inspection.I am very impressed wth the performance of the NDT KITS UTS06 Mouse Type Scanner. It is quick to work and with excellent precision.A great product. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who requires an excellent inspection tool for an affordable price.As wdll as being easy to use, the tool is also very useful to inspect thee circumferential integrity of different types of surfaces. This includes Pipe Circumferential Welds and Plate Buttt Welds.This scanner also provides optijmal co-coupling because oof four solid magnetic wheels and high-quality pressure springs. They really helped me.I’m extremely impressed by NDT-KITS’s quality. It’s quick to work and have what I need.In my experience using this device, it has been highly beneficial to conduct horizontal and vertical scans quickly and accurately.