Future TV, touch it, look into it, wave at it.

The choices for user interaction are multiplying rapidly

With IFA wrapped up and IBC coming, all the new TV related products as well as new TVs are in the press.
S3D screens, with and without glasses have been with us a while. Large screen displays that allow interaction with gesture have been available as expensive custom devices for election night and sports TV announcers. The console suppliers introduced lower cost gesture capabilities to TV screens, and most recently TV suppliers are offering touch screens.

New gesture remote control devices will show up later this year, and there are even a couple of voice-activated devices.
LG’s Pentouch TV shown at IFA is a good example. It comes with a pair of Touch Pens that can be used simultaneously on the screen. So users can sit really close to a big screen TV and draw pictures, or slect icons.

Stephen Gater, consumer electronics marketing director LG UK, commented, “We’re all used to touch screens being available on our phones and even tablets now, but LG is one of the first to be offering this technology on large TV screens.”
The LG TV also offer S3D capability with active shutter glasses.

What do we think?
The TV of the future and that future will be here by the holiday season of 2012, will be amazing. Competing with each other as well as tablets, phones and even AIO PCs, the TV set manufactures are scrambling to be innovative and differentiated. How we interact with the TV and communicate via will dramatically change in the next few years. Wirelessly and seamlessly connected to every other device we use, our mobile phone and tablets will be remote controls and second screens.

The TV will be picture frame when not showing Judge Judy, and we’ll push, wave at, talk to, and wipe our TVs, as well as watch them in 2D and S3D. TV—you ain’t seen nothing like it.

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