Here’s a Ridiculous Idea-Split Apple in Two

on August 29, 2011

I saw a story earlier today that said that some on Wall Street have suggested that Apple should split their business in two- A Mac business and the more profitable iOS business.

I normally don’t criticize my brethren on Wall Street but I have to say that this is a very dumb idea and shows that some of them still don’t get Apple. Apple is growing because they have created a growth engine around their total ecosystem of hardware, software and services. And the devices, whether it is the Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad, are elegant screens that are designed to tap into the rich set of apps and services and soon to be cloud synchronization that ties them all together.

Now, I kind of get their original thought, which is that the iOS business should stand on its own and the Mac business should not be allowed to impact the higher growth to their total bottom line. I am sure some are thinking about HP’s move to sell or spin out their PC business as their example. But this misses the beauty of Apple’s ecosystem and integrated device strategy. Yes, the PC market as we know it is not growing much anymore, but PC’s are not going away. Indeed, they will still be the workhorses in business, education and even in the home where they will be needed to do what I call heavy lifting tasks such as managing your music and video collection, handling personal finances and using it for long form documents and email, etc.

And in the Mac’s case, there is a huge audience for its rich OS, especially in graphics and marketing departments, Hollywood and for certain engineering tasks. More importantly, I believe that Apple still has some mind blowing products in both desktop and laptops in their bag of tricks-products that will drive even more users to the Mac platform. And if that is not enough, keep in mind that the Mac taps into all of Apple’s compete ecosystems of software and services. Once people really understand how iCloud works with the Macs and iOS based devices, they will see the folly of the suggestion of splitting Apple in two.

This is also why I believe they will not merge the Mac OS And iOS together anytime soon. Apple is very proud of the Mac OS and will continue to make it more powerful for those who need it. At the same time, iOS will become more powerful as well, but for use in the more consumer oriented devices in their line. iCloud will be the way they are all tied together in the end.

So Wall Street, get this idea out of your head. Apple won’t split the company in two and never will. They really do know what they are doing and how their entire line of hardware, software and services will work together under a single Apple company.

They have made a lot of money for their stockholders and will continue to do so with this integrated approach to making all of their products easy to use and work together as part of Apple, Inc.