In The Bizarro World In Which We Live, It’s Microsoft That Complains About Monopolies

Apple Inc. won a $30-million contract Tuesday from the Los Angeles Unified School District, paving the way for the company to provide every student with an iPad in the nation’s second-largest school system. ~ Los Angeles Times

Microsoft, unsurprisingly, objected to the purchase. But what was surprising was the rationale Microsoft used to support their position:

A Microsoft representative urged the board to try more than one product and not to rely on one platform. Doing so could cut off the district from future price reductions and innovations, said Robyn Hines, senior director of state government affairs for Microsoft.

But district staff countered that Apple offered the superior product.

Wow. Payback is a witch.

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John R. Kirk is a recovering attorney. He has also worked as a financial advisor and a business coach. His love affair with computing started with his purchase of the original Mac in 1985. His primary interest is the field of personal computing (which includes phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops) and his primary focus is on long-term business strategies: What makes a company unique; How do those unique qualities aid or inhibit the success of the company; and why don’t (or can’t) other companies adopt the successful attributes of their competitors?

2 thoughts on “In The Bizarro World In Which We Live, It’s Microsoft That Complains About Monopolies”

  1. I’ll uncharacteristically come to Microsoft;s defense on this one. Contesting contract awards on the basis of whatever comes to mind is just part of how the game is played. Of course the LACSD is absolutely right: There’s really no choice between Surface and iPad for education.

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