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I get more out of this subscription than my $1,000 subscription to SemiAccurate, or my $15,000 subscription to StratFor. – Bill Smith

Tech.pinions offers quality of content — sober analysis versus mere reporting — makes it worth the price of subscription. Jean-Louis Gassee, VC, Author Monday Note

Techpionion contributors have a breadth (and depth) of industry experience, coupled with a writing style which makes their posts a pleasure to read…even if I don’t always agree with their conclusions.

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to engage in sober grown-up analysis across a broad spectrum of tech stories. S. Patterman

While the ‘free’ articles are good, its the Insider articles that are more hard-hitting and require more time to fully digest and think about the message the writer tries to convey. I am glad that the articles don’t delve into pages (though I will welcome 2-3 like that) but are concise enough and bite-worthy to digest.

..your publication is one of the very best things I’ve ever subscribed to. -C. Hoewe

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