My Webinar On the Internet of Things

I wanted to let our readers know that I am co-hosting a webinar on the Internet of Things. The subject will be focused on the business impact of IoT. It is free to attend and if you are interested you can use the link below.

Webinar Details:

In just six years we are expected to grow from 10 to 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. The Internet of Everything (IOE) … and Things (IOT) holds so much potential to change how we live and do business that it is considered a major paradigm shift in our worldwide economy and culture.

– Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM, and leading customer-centric strategist, author, speaker and futurist.

The revolution has been gradual with the steady growth of Internet connections: machine-to-machine (e.g., robots, sensors), machine-to-people (e.g., wearable, home security) and people-to-people (e.g., social networks), but its future growth and impact will be phenomenal and not without its challenges.

– Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies, and global technology advisor, analyst, author and futurist.

Attend this important webinar and you will learn answers to:

* Is there a sustainable driving force behind the IOE/IOT?

* How to cost-justify investing in the IOE/IOT?

* How to respond to the new data privacy issues?

* What are the resulting customer service challenges?

* What is the impact on big data analysis & insight?

* How to address new people, process, and technology issues?

Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time: 10:00 AM Pacific/ 1:00 PM Eastern

Duration: 1 hour

Register Here

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Tim Bajarin

Tim Bajarin is the President of Creative Strategies, Inc. He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology. Mr. Bajarin has been with Creative Strategies since 1981 and has served as a consultant to most of the leading hardware and software vendors in the industry including IBM, Apple, Xerox, Compaq, Dell, AT&T, Microsoft, Polaroid, Lotus, Epson, Toshiba and numerous others.

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