Podcast: Apple, Amazon, and Facebook Earnings and Snap IPO

Ben Bajarin and Jan Dawson talk key takeaways from Apple, Amazon, and Facebook earnings. We throw a little Snap, Inc thoughts in as well.

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Ben Bajarin

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9 thoughts on “Podcast: Apple, Amazon, and Facebook Earnings and Snap IPO”

  1. Seriously though, Apple’s recipe for a record quarter:
    1- Add a week (8%) to the quarter
    2- record unit & revenue growth of 5% (??? !!! ???)
    3- loudly trumpet a record quarter
    4- let the iCheerLeading brigades to their job (hello there !)

    For the more facts-oriented: http://lapcatsoftware.com/articles/14weeks.html ! iPhone -3%, iPad -25%, Mac flat.

    1. Hmm, the extra week was reported on (fairly widely I think) almost six months ago. Here’s one example: https://ped30.com/2016/08/12/apple-extra-week-q1-2017/

      You seem almost gleeful that Apple is flat or down year over year, but what you’re missing is that Apple continues to grow its user base, and that means Apple just keeps on succeeding. Does anyone expect Apple to keep growing and growing to the point where they sell a billion iPhones annually? It has to slow down, previous rates of growth cannot continue, there aren’t enough people on the planet. I’m not sure Apple can grow too much past a billion users, which they’re getting close to. I guess we’ll see, but the reality is Apple is still selling a ton of iOS devices annually. Up a bit, down a bit, does it really matter? The user base continues to grow, and that means Services grows significantly.

      I’m sure you’ll tell me how Apple is not succeeding though. That’s the mantra: “No matter how much Apple succeeds, Apple is not succeeding.”

    2. Also, the 7 was released earlier in the quarter. Still a solid quarter, even if only stabilizing the recent declines.


    3. Just FYI, Apple talked about the extra week in the earnings call. I see a lot of commentary with the angle that Apple was hiding the 14th week. The CFO talks about it directly on the call, saying “We had the benefit of a 14th week during the quarter this year…”

      Anyone who is interested can listen here (starts at about 12:20):


  2. Is there any info on what’s happening with Apple in China ?
    – Is the whole Luxury segment ailing, or is it just Apple ? (Im especially curious of whether subsidies are being phased out)
    – Is there a specific issue (ads misfiring, availability, even bigger phablets, carrier relationship, political pressure, pricing/exchange rates…) ?

    10% share is dangerously low. Any indication of changes Apple will make going forward ?

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