Podcast: The Amazon Fire Lineup, Apps and TV, The Ad Blocker Debate

This week Jan Dawson, Tim Bajarin, and Ben Bajarin discuss the latest announcements from Amazon, the role developers play in platforms and Apps’ role in the future of TV, and the controversy over iOS 9’s content blocking capabilities.

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Ben Bajarin

Ben Bajarin is a Principal Analyst and the head of primary research at Creative Strategies, Inc - An industry analysis, market intelligence and research firm located in Silicon Valley. His primary focus is consumer technology and market trend research and he is responsible for studying over 30 countries. Full Bio

4 thoughts on “Podcast: The Amazon Fire Lineup, Apps and TV, The Ad Blocker Debate”

  1. I feel like the comments on ad blocking are contradictory. On one hand you all talk about how only a small percentage of people, geeks and such, use or will continue to use ad blockers. But then you talk about how some publishers are seeing decreased revenue they directly associate with ad block usage and publishers seem to be up in arms to a degree that belies such a small minority.

    There must be (and usually is) some nuanced view in there that I am missing. Could someone flesh that out?


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