Poll: PC Purchasing Intent

Whether you are in the market for a new PC or not, we would love to hear your feedback on what is keeping you from upgrading your current PC. Feel free to fill in your answer if it is not listed below.

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12 thoughts on “Poll: PC Purchasing Intent”

  1. I voted for “My 3+ YO PC works just fine”. I think I did, I can’t see a result screen and it lets me “vote” again.

    I have a 4 year old, 3.2GHz Intel quad core machine with 6GB of RAM, an 8800GT GPU, and an SSD Main drive.

    Since I don’t buy new Triple A games anymore (too much intrusive DRM), there is nothing that a brand new machine would really do better in my usage. I plan to use this PC till it dies(and beyond).

    Furthermore. Microsoft earned my wrath with Windows 8. If I do buy another desktop PC anytime soon, it will likely be a Mac Mini (and keep fixing my old Windows 7 machine indefinitely).

    But my next computing purchase will likely be a tablet. Likely a iPad Mini Retina/Next small Nexus with high ppi screen.

    So the computing purchase intent/plan is:

    Next 6 Months: High ppi Tablet
    Next 12-18 Months: Mac Mini maybe

    On hold/repair forever: Windows PC.

    1. I recommend the Mac mini – I have one and I love it. Get 4 GB of memory for it.

      You’ll need to buy an optical drive if you want to watch DVDs. I have a Buffalo DVSM-PC58U2V Series and it’s flawless. $33 from Amazon and it writes DVDs as well as read them.

      1. I, too,bought the Mac mini, 4Gb mem, 1Tb hd, fastest processor. Should have got 8Gb but was told 4Gb could handle a couple of apps open at a time. Will be taking it in for service soon as problems are evident. I am hoping this computer will last five years or longer as I use it only to sync to my iDevices, download what my iPad cannot and open complex documents for work.
        It works well enough off a 27in TV monitor for the amount of time I spend on it.

        1. Ask the people at the Apple store whether you need 8 GB of memory.

          I don’t see a reason why your mini shouldn’t last 5 years or more but I do suggest you keep the OS and all the apps updated, even the apps you think you’ll never use.

    2. I am currently using a 2010 Mac mini, and have no plans to replace it. It runs Snow Lion, the last Mac OS X that has Rosetta, the emulator for PowerPC that lets you run older apps – like my copy of MS Office 2004. Which was the last good version of Office, without the damn Ribbon and more nonsense.

  2. I have a 6 yr old iMac that I would like to replace but can’t justify doing so as it runs well and handles all we do with it. My next purchase some time this year will be a new iPad. I’ll buy a mini if they go retina. We have a lot computers in the house (10 desktop and laptops) and use to update frequently. Now we depend more on personal iPads. Similarly, we had a Mac Mini hooked up to the TV which, this year, we swapped for an Apple TV. Perhaps it is worth noting that we would only update two desktops and two laptops if any of them broke (the iMac being one of these). But all of them are working fine at this time.

  3. my 5 year old imac is working just fine, ipad 4 just fine, 4 year old macbook just fine. now if they could do air play i would have no reason to upgrade, and when i NEED it instead of wanting it, i’ll upgrade.

  4. My case falls exactly in the niche not covered by any option in the poll: my 27 month old computer works fine.
    I’m also much more interested in upgrading my iPad 2 with an iPad Retina as soon as Apple releases a significantly lighter model.

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