Putting Tablets to Work

on February 16, 2013

logo_tswTablets are rapidly becoming an integral part of many work forces. Fortune 500 companies are deploying them in the tens of thousands and small business everywhere are integrating them into their workflow. The myth that you can’t be productive on a tablet or do “real work” has been de-bunked. In the early days of computing smart people got together and discussed how the desktop computer could be used in work environments to transform the work place and bring analog processes into the digital world. It is for that reason that I am pleased to be involved with the Tablet Strategy West conference happening San Francisco on Wednesday February 20th. Tablets have the potential to impact computing in ways the PC never could. It is for this reason conferences like this are important.

I will be speaking at this event and giving a state of the industry related to tablets. I’ll discuss trends, adoption cycles, key business use cases, and more. The conference organizers have been generous enough to offer an 80% discount to the first 20 or so Tech.pinions readers who register. So for those of you on the West coast, if learning and discussing the latest regarding tablets and their role in the market is of interest, then I invite you to come. And of course I’d love to meet and talk with any of our readers, so if you come, seek me out.

Here is the link and use the promo code TP to get an 80% discount.

They will post videos of my session after the event, so even if you can’t make it, I will link to the videos so you can watch my presentation. Hope to see you there.