Shows We’d Like To See From Apple’s $1 Billion Content Budget

It has been reported that Apple is planning to spend $1 billion on developing and acquiring content. Apple will be joining a crowded landscape — Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, and, oh yeah, the traditional broadcast and cable networks. With so much competition already out there, in terms of other content providers and also for our limited time in the era of ‘peak TV’, how can Apple differentiate? Here’s a bit of a lighter look at some shows we’d like to see from Apple’s dip into content:

Life In A Chinese Phone Factory. In this pseudo-reality series, we’ll get an in-depth look at the lives of four workers in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, known as ‘iPhone City’. The factory conditions. The dorms. The perks. The side deals with city and customs officials to get subsidies and tax breaks. It’s all there!

Patent Wars. Apple dips into the law genre in this tense courtroom drama. We’ll get an unvarnished look at Apple’s various patent battles. See high-ranking execs and star lawyers from Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, Nokia, and more! You’ll get inside the ‘war room’ Apple uses to prepare for these cases. Hundreds of hours of testimony is boiled down into an exciting weekly highlight reel.

Game of Phones. This fall is gonna be epic! iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8 Google Pixel 2, and more! This series leverages the growing trend in broadcasting professional level competitive gaming. Power users will face off in this contest to determine the best smartphone out there! Which phone takes the best picture? Who can make their battery last the longest? What’s the easiest device on which to bang out a 100-word email? Who has the best screen in sunny conditions? We’ll have special episodes on accessories, ruggedness, usability, and more!

The World’s Funniest Auto Corrects! The smartphone version of the hugely popular TV series, America’s Funniest Home Videos. Admit it – we’ve all had that ‘genital’ instead of ‘genial’ moment. The funny. The awkward. The embarrassing. You’ll see it all. Note: Designed for Mature Audiences.

Battle of the Assistants. Five Assistants: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby. Not All Will Survive. In this Survivor-esque show, we put them to the test. This is way beyond ‘what’s the weather tomorrow’, ‘who won the ball game last night’, or ‘Siri, will you go out with me?’. How do they do with challenging questions? How do they perform in noisy environments? Who does best in different languages, dialogs, and accents? Which assistant ‘learns’ the fastest? Who will be the first to develop a sexy voice?

Free Lunch Freeloader Freakout. There is such as a thing as Free Lunch if you work in Silicon Valley, or for some tech company in some tech epicenter. The food might be plentiful, but is it good? We bring in top chefs to visit a different company cafeteria each week. Can anyone unseat Google? Upcoming episodes include “Who Has The Best Snack Food”, “Who Has the Largest Craft Beer Selection on Free Beer Fridays”, and “Whose Break Room Fridges Are the Cleanest?”

Smile, You Got a Free Smartphone! The cost for a flagship phone is approaching $1,000. That’s beyond the reach of much of the world’s population…and doesn’t even include the $50 or more per month needed for the average decent data plan. In this Candid Camera style show, Apple visits a different spot each week and gives away a free iPhone and unlimited data plan for a year. The joy! The laughter! The tears!

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