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Apple Maps: Still a Disaster

I was hoping that with the official release of iOS 7, Apple would finally produce some major improvements in Apple Maps. But for all the attention Apple has lavished on other parts of the new … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / September 20th, 2013
Google maps iPad screenshot

Maps for iOS: What Does Google Have Against Tablets?

Google’s failure to understand that a tablet is something other than a really big phone is becoming one of the great mysteries of the technology world. The Android tablet business has been crippled by a … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / December 13th, 2012

Google’s Directionless Map Strategy

Marco Arment on Google Maps: What this timing (of Google Maps) really shows is how much Google needs to be on iOS. They’re primarily in the business of reaching as many people as possible so … Continue reading

John Kirk / December 13th, 2012

Why Maps are “Really” Important to Apple

In my last Apple Maps column I discussed why Apple would have delivered a suboptimal maps experience. This analysis was really a short term view of why they would do this, and the answer was … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / October 16th, 2012

Apple Maps: Decision by Wall Street?

Just as we all start to get sick of reading and debating the Apple Maps debacle,  a new interesting thread, issue, or new piece of information comes up.  This time, it was, Apple’s CEO Tim … Continue reading

Patrick Moorhead / October 2nd, 2012
Sample Apple map

Confessions of a Reviewer: How the iPhone Maps Mess Was Overlooked

How did they miss it? If you go back and read the reviews of the iPhone 5  published on the first day that Apple allowed recipients of early samples to write, you would be stunned … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / September 28th, 2012
Sample Apple map

Oops! Apple Needs a Remapping [Updated]

When I looked at the area around my house in the new iOS 6 Apple Maps app, I noticed something seemed to be missing. There was a big pink patch for the Bethesda naval hospital, … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / September 20th, 2012
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