The Cubed Podcast

I wanted to share with our readers that I have started a podcast called Cubed with several colleagues I genuinely enjoy chatting with. They are Ben Thompson of stratechery and Benedict Evans. Our goal is to have smart conversations on the industry at large with a bit more emphasis on mobile and strategy.

We have released two episodes thus far and are planning to do a weekly release. I would love for everyone to check it out and give me any feedback. We have plans to get the Tech.pinions podcast going again and we have even more rich media planned for insiders. As always any feedback is appreciated and always welcome.

There is a lot of great insight in these and I re-listened to them and had to pause to think more deeply about the conversation.

Check out Cubed at Cubed.FM and follow on twitter @cubedfm. You can also easily subscribe in iTunes.

First Episode: C is for Cubed
In our first episode we talked about, what else?, the iPhone. What is Apple’s strategy, will it be successful, should they have a large-screen iPhone, and what about China? Finally, we give our predictions for the iPhone’s success, and talk just a bit about the challenges faced by Windows Phone.

Ben’s Notes:
My personal highlight of this episode is when Benedict called Windows phone a feature phone.

Second Episode: Cheers to BlackBerry
In this episode we explore the tragic tale of BlackBerry (formerly knows as Research in Motion) and perhaps soon to be formerly known as BlackBerry. We also dive into iPhone first weekend sales. We explore the differences in strategy and vision between Google and Apple. And we threw some Microsoft into the conversation for good measure.

Ben’s Notes:
My highlight takeaway was the discussion on the role of the leader, liberties they can take with strategy, and the differences of vision between Google and Apple. Particularly the discussion where Ben Thompson points out that Google’s is not incentivized to focus on apps, because time spent in an app is time not using Google search. Also I share a stat about Apple’s market share in the US you don’t want to miss.