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An Attitude Of Gratitude

Thursday, November 27th is Thanksgiving in the United States. So rather than do my normal weekly column, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about some of the things I am grateful for. There’s … Continue reading

John Kirk / November 23rd, 2014

First Rule Of Homebrew Drone Club Is There Are No Rules For Homebrew Drone Club

Drones are the next revolution, the next insanely great thing, the pirate, the multi-billion dollar business, the integration of the physical and the digital, the device that will fight our wars, provide web access to the … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / November 17th, 2014

Microsoft Is Doomed. Doomed!

I have to believe Microsoft’s latest earnings has finally obliterated all the silly “Microsoft is doomed!” discussion that’s been so bien pensant across the blogosphere these many years. This is a company that generated $23 billion in … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / October 27th, 2014

If the World Was a Village – Tech Edition

Bob’s column yesterday brought back into attention some of the things I discussed in this article called Computing’s S-Curve. We are on the path to connect the planet via a pocket computer. This is so … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / September 3rd, 2014

The Major Industry Battle Brewing Between Samsung vs Google

Over the last five years, Samsung has become a behemoth in the tech marketplace. Their smartphones dominate the tech landscape and their profits have been relatively good until recently, considering the fact they still make most … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / July 25th, 2014

Deconstructing Satya. Episode II. The Empire Strikes Back.

Last week before the news broke, I warned Microsoft employees, all of them, to “get to work on your resume.” Change was coming, major change, and that always always always begins with a bloodletting. Indeed, … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / July 21st, 2014

Deconstructing Satya

Last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella laid bare his vision for the tech giant. It is borderline revolutionary. From its early days, Microsoft has focused on using software and computing to empower people and businesses … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / July 14th, 2014

Apple Is The Disney World Of Tech

On Twitter, Ben Bajarin, and others, recently argued that the value in tech tends to inevitably shift from software to hardware and, finally, to services. Hardware to software to services. Apple is in a unique...

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John Kirk / April 8th, 2014

The Mystery Of Flight 370 And Friends On The Internet I Will Never Meet

My mind continues to reflect back to those with loved ones on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370*.  Desperate, hopeful, hopeless, an inexplicable truth staring back at them. What can they do? Wait still more? Call? I … Continue reading

Brian S Hall / March 17th, 2014

Who Won The Mobile Tech Olympics?

Business is a combination of war and sport. ~ André Maurois The Long Summer Of The Microsoft Monopoly Olympics Computing was pretty simple for the last 15 years: PC plus a browser. Both are splintering … Continue reading

John Kirk / February 27th, 2014

The Mobile Wave

1) We all know that sales of smartphones and tablets are are growing fast, however… 2) Those sales are growing even faster than we may realize, and… 3) The implications of this new wave of … Continue reading

John Kirk / December 5th, 2013

On the Impact of Paul Otellini’s CEO Years at Intel

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini is retiring in May 2013. His 40-year career at Intel now ending, it’s a timely opportunity to look at his impact on Intel. Intel As Otellini Took Over In September 2004 when … Continue reading

Peter Kastner / May 6th, 2013

The Challenge for Smartphone Makers in 2013

I believe we are in new territory for smartphone manufacturers. Although its true that there are still many people on the planet who do not yet have a smartphone, the reality is that the most … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / March 22nd, 2013

Does The Rise Of Android’s Market Share Mean The End of Apple’s Profits?

It’s an article of faith in the Church of Market Share that Android is nearing a tipping point where its market share lead will inevitably turn into a developer share lead, too. ~ John Gruber … Continue reading

John Kirk / February 21st, 2013

Android, China, and the Wild Wild West

Last week, I talked about the importance for us industry observers, analysts, media, etc., to have a more informed discussion when it comes to Android. I think it is important when we analyze, from an … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / December 17th, 2012

Why Android Is Winning The Battles But Google Is Losing The War: Part 1

A Pyrrhic victory (/ˈpɪrɪk/) is a victory with such a devastating cost that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately lead to defeat. The phrase “Pyrrhic Victory” is named after King Pyrrhus … Continue reading

John Kirk / November 12th, 2012

Upside Down Analysis

These thoughts via Business Insider: According to estimates from Canaccord Genuity, Samsung has shot further ahead of the pack as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, shipping 56.3 million units in the third quarter. Apple’s consolation … Continue reading

John Kirk / November 4th, 2012

Why a SoftBank Investment in Sprint Could be Disruptive

There were multiple stories over the last few days about a potential investment from SoftBank in Sprint. The idea would be that Softbank could leverage some of Sprint’s technology, especially the Clearwire architecture, for use … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / October 15th, 2012

Android v. iOS Part 2: Profits

RECAP Yesterday we looked at Android and iOS mobile operating system market share. Today we look at mobile operating system profit and profit share. ANDROID HAS WON THE MARKET SHARE BATTLE BUT… On the strength … Continue reading

John Kirk / August 28th, 2012

Android v. iOS Part 1: Market Share

INTRODUCTION This is the first article in a multi-part look at the Android and iOS operating Systems. An operating system (OS) is the software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer … Continue reading

John Kirk / August 27th, 2012

How RIM Changed My Life

During the summer of 1997, I was contacted by the folks at RIM and asked if I would like to be a beta tester of their first Blackberry pager/email device. Up to then, pagers were … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / April 2nd, 2012

Why Microsoft Should Make an XBOX Mobile Gaming Console

Yesterday I shared a column on why casual gaming, or even more immersive gaming on smart phones is not going to threaten dedicated mobile gaming consoles any time soon. To come to this conclusion I … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / March 2nd, 2012

2012: The Year Google Fixes Android or Loses the War

The end of 2011 brought about some interesting market developments. Both Nielsen and NPD shared data that the once so dominant Android actually declined in market share over the holiday quarter of 2011. Both Nielsen … Continue reading

Ben Bajarin / January 31st, 2012

Is There Room for A New Mobile OS?

A couple of years ago, when various handset makers were looking for a mobile OS to back for their devices, they were given a proposition from Google that was hard to refuse. Google would provide … Continue reading

Tim Bajarin / August 22nd, 2011

Microsoft’s “Can’t Lose” Mobile Strategy

  Microsoft has been trying to recapture momentum in mobile after ceding the early market leadership it had 5-6 years ago due to its lack of adequate investment and resultant inability to stay competitive. And … Continue reading

Jack Gold / July 13th, 2011
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