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The FCC: After Four Frustrating Years, Tough Work Ahead

  Julius Genachowski was one of President Obama’s original tech warriors, so hopes were high when he became chairman of the Federal Communications Commission in 2009. He leaves the post some modest accomplishments, some bigger … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / March 25th, 2013

Spectrum: Multiplication Beats Addition

Martin Cooper recalls the days of mobile radio-telephones before cellular service: You’d have one station in a city and you could conduct in that city 12 phone calls at one time. During the busy hour, … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / February 13th, 2013
Dark Side of the Moon album cover

Spectrum: The Shortage Is a Crisis, but Not Serious

The late economist Herb Stein used to say that “if something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” A profound economic truth lies behind that seeming flip statement. The world is forever on the verge … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / January 16th, 2013
Crystal ball graphic

The Shape of 2013: Predictions for the Year Ahead

After 15 years of making predictions, with a track record that would have made you rich if you’d bet on them, I’ve been away from the practice for a couple of years. But as the … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / December 19th, 2012
Martin Cooper photo (S. Wildstrom)

Marty Cooper’s Billion Dollar Spectrum Contest Idea

It has been almost 40 years since Martin Cooper made the mobile phone call that earned him the title of father of the cell phone. Today he is still active in the industry, looking for … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / December 4th, 2012
Photo of Dan Mead

The Spectrum Shortage That Isn’t

If you listen to wireless operators, their industry is on the brink of a catastrophe caused by success. “Innovation is at risk today due to the spectrum shortage that we face,” Verizon Wireless President Daniel … Continue reading

Steve Wildstrom / May 9th, 2012
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