Tech.pinions Podcast: Apple iPhone 6 Launch and Its Impact

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Tim Bajarin, Bob O’Donnell, and Ben Bajarin discuss the impact of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the market and their potential impact on Samsung and others.

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Show Notes:

Samsung Faces China Storm – Link

Just for fun, Ben Bajarin used the revenue estimates for the third quarter for Samsung highlighted in the above link and made a chart. If that number plays out, Samsung’s operating profits chart would look like this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.56.56 PM

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Bob O'Donnell

Bob O’Donnell is the president and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research, LLC a technology consulting and market research firm that provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. You can follow him on Twitter @bobodtech.

9 thoughts on “Tech.pinions Podcast: Apple iPhone 6 Launch and Its Impact”

  1. It feels like a long time coming. This is something I said Apple should have done some time ago.

    Lots of agreement with things in the podcast. Large phones are already impacting tablets, and this is only going to strengthen that trend.

    Someone (Bob?) said a 5.5″ phone and 13″ laptop may be a perfect combo and I see it the same way.

    I think I may enjoy at little Schadenfreude at the expense of Samsung because the new phones are positioned right at the heart of Samsungs dual high end flagships (Galaxy S/Note). Forget lawsuits. The best revenge is competing well. The next full quarter and those beyond, are going to to hurt for Samsung mobile. They already hurt for nearly everyone else in Android land.

    1. Yes, that was me and I’ve talked to many others who feel the same way about the large phone/notebook combo. That’s why, contrary to popular opinion, I actually think the large phones will not just hurt the tablet market, they’ll actually somewhat help the PC market. Will be interesting to watch.

      1. What about large tablets like the iPad Air? You actually think large phones like the iPhone Plus will hurt their sales?

          1. by 13″ touch screen convertible, you mean something like a Surface Pro 3? It’s a nice device but I don’t see Apple going down that path. As per the rumor mill, Apple’s working on a 12.9″ iPad and a 12″ rMBA.

          2. I am thinking of the wider market. In the Apple case I am sure a lot of people would be perfectly content with a 5.5″ iPhone and a Macbook Air/Retina to cover their needs.

            As far as a 12.9″ ipad, I can’t see it unless Apple is also making it a convertible.

  2. One of the comments was all the money is being made in software and services (or shifting). This is not true. Apple makes its money on the hardware and given the pricing of the 6+ they will be making even more off the hardware moving forward.

    I am also not sure about all the angst regarding what Apple will do with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. There are many, many things Apple can do to make future devices more desirable. Improved battery life is an an obvious one. There is a long list of things Apple can do to improve their products to drive upgrades. And as the iPhone gets larger Apple is now making the use case for a small iPhone pretty compelling (think something a little smaller than the first iPhone). What was old is new again!

    1. “And as the iPhone gets larger Apple is now making the use case for a small iPhone pretty compelling…”

      A future version of the Apple Watch with built-in cellular capability will fill that slot. I’m willing to bet on it.

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