Tech.pinions Podcast: E3, PCs and Wearables

Welcome to this week’s Tech.pinions podcast.

This week Bob O’Donnell, Jan Dawson and John Kirk discuss the game console news from the E3 Entertainment Expo, and debate the state of the PC market and the upcoming opportunity (or not) for wearables.

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Bob O'Donnell

Bob O’Donnell is the president and chief analyst of TECHnalysis Research, LLC a technology consulting and market research firm that provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. You can follow him on Twitter @bobodtech.

3 thoughts on “Tech.pinions Podcast: E3, PCs and Wearables”

    1. No, actually, it’s an original I wrote and recorded in my home studio a month or so ago. But since a number of my overall musical influences came from the 80s (having been a young man then), I guess that must have snuck in. (Interesting side note, proud to say I was a guest on Computer Chronicles way back when…)

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