Tech Products the Tech.pinions Team would Buy

on December 16, 2015

One of the more interesting questions our team gets around the holidays is, what tech products we would buy with our own money. As analysts, we are given dozens of products to check out and, in a lot of cases if we want something to test, all we have to do is ask the company behind it to send it and we get to play with them for a good period of time.

But there are some products we would buy with our own money because they are something we would like to use personally and permanently. Some of the products on our list come in the category of “technolust” products that are pricey but we can really see value and would like them for ourselves. Others are less expensive but still are something we would personally buy.

Here is the list from the Tech.pinions Team.

Bob O’Donnell, President and Founder, Technalysis Research

Sony 4K TV—Sony’s latest 4K TV, the X950B, features a tiny bezel, thin design, HDR, and an extended color gamut. Bottom line: an incredible, high impact picture and some integrated connectivity and home control apps to boot.

HP Movado Bold Motion Smart Watch—The new combined effort features an elegant, screenless design that still offers basic intelligence and haptic notifications

Star Wars Bb8 Droid robot—because everyone is still a kid inside.

Jan Dawson-Founder and Chief Analyst, Jackdaw Research

The new Apple TV – lots of fun for games with the family and the best box for Netflix and other video apps too.

Yeti Blue microphone – it’s what I use to do the podcast and it’s great for any kind of recording you might want to do. Also tons of deals on it recently.

Magnetic air vent mount for a smartphone – I’ve bought these for both our cars recently. They’re dirt cheap and, if you’re using a case on your phone, you can just insert the magnet into the back of the case. When you get in the car, you just stick your phone to the magnetic holder attached to your air vent and there’s no fiddling with adjusting anything or all that stuff you have to do with most car mounts.

Ben Bajarin, Principal Analyst, Creative Strategies and co-founder of Techpinions

GoPro Hero 4 — The Hero 4 packs the power of GoPro into their smallest, lightest, most convenient camera yet, featuring a rugged and waterproof design, easy one-button control, revolutionary battery efficiency, 1080p60 video and 8MP photos.

Amplifi connected guitar amp — I did buy this. It comes with an iOS and Apple Watch companion app. Great tool for musicians and the watch app allows me to get info while still playing.

Acaia smart scale for coffee making — Because making perfect coffee is a passion of mine.

Shawn King, Tech.pinions Editor

iPad Pro & Apple Pencil — As a photographer, the sheer size and speed of the iPad Pro is immensely attractive to me. The pencil is just cool.

Apple Watch — The health tracking and benefits alone make this an interesting piece of tech.

The Skully AR-1, the self-proclaimed “world’s smartest motorcycle helmet” — anything that can help me be a better, more aware motorcycle rider is a good thing.

Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies and Cofounder of Techpinions

Dell Ultrasharp 34-Inch Curved Ultra Wide Monitor — Ever since I saw this monitor I have really wanted one. As a person who sits and writes for long periods I need a great monitor that I can also use with split screen for multiple windows and applications. This is my dream monitor.

Lola Blue Headphones — While I am not a serious audiophile, I am very discriminating when it comes to using headphones to listen to my music, podcasts, and the like. However, I really do not want to spend $400-$600 for headphones that I use mostly when flying or lounging around the house in my easy chair. That is why I like the Lola Blue headphones priced at $249.00. I consider them the best bang for the buck when choosing a high quality headphone but not wanting to break the bank.

Oculus Rift — As a researcher and one who has to look at the impact of products in the future, VR is probably one of the most interesting and exciting areas to explore for me. I would have actually suggested Microsoft’s HoloLens if it was on the market but the Oculus Rift product is a close second. I would enjoy being able to use to help formulate my thoughts and opinions about VR’s impact on our world in the near future.

Sony Alpha a7RII — There is one other product I really would like. While most of my pictures are taken on my iPhone, I am a hobbyist photographer. I have had many expensive DSLRs over the years but I am intrigued with Sony’s new top of the line mirrorless camera, a full frame 42 megapixel camera. The body alone is about $3100 and, if you add even a basic lens, it’s closer to 4K. However, I recently got to see this camera in person and this is one amazing small camera with the kind of features that even the pros would like.