Tesla’s Challenge

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I’m a fan of Tesla. They are not without their issues, but I am 90% certain a Tesla Model 3 will be my next car in the 2019/2020 timeframe when I give my oldest daughter my current Prius. I have a weird car history in terms of style and preference. My first car was my grandpa’s 1955 Chevy truck which my dad and I restored. After I got married we got a Toyota Corolla from which I then upgraded to a Mercedes Benz. Then I downgraded to a Honda Civic. Then I slightly upgraded to a Kia Optima and now to my Prius. I really like luxury cars, however, the pragmatist in me wins more often than not when looking at new cars. I lean economy more often than not, yet I really like luxury cars. While the Model 3 isn’t perfect, I hope it is the best of both those worlds with the icing on the cake of having the best technology around.