The Dell XPS 13: An Ultrabook that Could Steal Customers From Apple

If you are in the high-tech industry and haven’t heard of the term “Ultrabook”, you’ve probably been on sabbatical or have been living under a rock. Intel introduced an industry-wide initiative to re-think the Windows notebook PC, which they have dubbed and trademarked the “Ultrabook”. Launched at Computex 2011, Ultrabooks are designed to be very thin and light, have good battery life, have instant-on from sleep, be more secure and have good performance. If you want to see the details on what constitutes an Ultrabook, let me direct you to an article I wrote in Forbes yesterday. Does this sound a bit like a MacBook Air? This is what I thought about the entire category until Dell lent me their Ultrabook, the Dell XPS 13, for a few days. I have to say, I am very impressed and believe they have a winner here that could take some business from Apple. I don’t make that statement lightly as my family is the owner of three MacBooks and I do like them a lot.

Dell plays hard to get
When Ultrabooks were first introduced in July, Dell was somewhat silent on their intentions. Typically Dell is locked arm in arm with Intel many steps of the way. When they didn’t introduce an Ultrabook by the back to school selling season, “industry people” started to ask questions. When Dell didn’t release one by the holiday selling season, people were asking, “what’s wrong with the Ultrabook category”, or “what is Dell cooking up”?

I thought they were waiting for Intel’s Ivy Bridge solution that was scheduled for earlier in the year. Whatever Dell was waiting for doesn’t matter, because they did nothing but impress at CES. During the Intel keynote with Intel’s Paul Otellini, Dell’s vice chairman Jeff Clarke, stormed on-stage with some serious Texas swagger. The video cameras at the CES event didn’t do the Dell XPS 13 justice as it’s hard to “get” the ethos of any device on camera, but with Jeff Clarke and Paul Otellii on stage, you knew it was important to both companies. In my 20+ years as PC OEM and technology provider to OEMs, I believe the only way to really “get” a product is to live with it as your primary device for a few days. And that’s just what I did.

Industrial Design
It’s apparent to me that Dell took their combined commercial and consumer experience and put it to good use. Rather than just follow Apple, HP or Lenovo, they put together what I would call the best of both worlds. The machined aluminum frame adds the brawn and high-brow feel, while the rubberized carbon-fiber composite base serves to keep the user’s lap cool and reduce weight. The rubberized palm rest provides a slip-proof environment that adds serious precision to keystrokes and trackpad gestures. It also provides a slip-proof mechanism for carrying the unit across the house, the office, or into a coffee shop. In a nutshell, Dell solved my complaints about my MacBook Air and made it look, feel and operate premium.

I give Dell and Intel credit for working together to make Windows 7 PCs almost “instant on”. The XPS 13 turned on and off very quickly thanks to Intel Rapid Start and Dell’s integration. I wasn’t able to use Smart Connect, but when I can use the XPS 13 for a few weeks I want to try this out. This is essentially a feature that intermittently pulls the XPS out of sleep state and pulls in emails and calendar updates. While this is as close a PC will get to “always on, always connected”, it is a decent proxy.

Ingredient Branding and Certifications
Historically, the typical Windows-based PC with all its stickers looks like a cross between a Nascar racing car and the back of a microwave oven. That doesn’t exactly motivate anyone to shell out more than $599 for a Windows notebook. There are no visible stickers on the XPS 13 and the only external proof of Intel and Microsoft is on a laser-etched silver plate on the bottom of the unit. Underneath the plate are all the things users usually ignore like certifications.

Keyboard and Trackpad
I never quite understood how little evaluation time users spend on what ends up being one of the most important aspects of a notebook; the keyboard and trackpad. I already talked about the rubberized palm rest that gives the XPS 13 a stable palm base for the keyboard and trackpad. My palms slip all over the place with my MacBook Air. The XPS 13’s keyboard is auto backlit and the keys have good travel and a firm touch. The trackpad feels like coated glass and supports all of the Windows 7 gestures. Clicking works by either physically clicking the trackpad down or gently tapping it. It’s the user’s choice.

The display is 13.3″ at a very bright 300 nits at 1,366×768 resolution. It’s an edge to edge display (or nearly), which allowed Dell to design a 13.3″ display into around a 12″ chassis. I compared it to a MacBook Air and it is in fact narrower with the same dimension display. That is very impressive. I would have preferred a higher-resolution display but I don’t know if many users will make a huge deal out of this. The display is coated with Gorilla Glass which gives some extra added comfort knowing it will be up to the task of my kids accidentally scratching it up.

Compared to some of the other Ultrabooks, I applaud Dell for removing some of the ports that I am certain primary research said were “must-haves.” Must haves like a VGA port, 5 USB ports, and an ethernet port. (yawn) Users get a Displayport, one USB-3, one powered USB-2, and a headphone jack. The only port I would have preferred was a mini or micro HDMI port. Displayport guarantees that I will need to buy a cable or an adapter I don’t have. I can live without the SD card reader but it sure would have been nice if they could have fit it inside.

Battery Life
I am still very skeptical on most battery life figures of any battery-powered product. One exception is the Apple iPhone and iPad, where Apple goes out of their way to provide as much detail as possible for different use cases. With that caveat, I do believe the Dell XPS 13 will have very respectable battery life figures versus other Ultrabooks and the Apple MacBook Air. Dell says the XPS 13 will achieve nearly 9 hours of battery life, well above Intel’s target of between 5 and 8 hours.

One of the sexier features harkens back to the days of Dell batteries, which had buttons to gauge how much was power was left. Like the Dell batteries of yesteryear, press a small button on the side (not back) of the XPS 13 and it will light up circles to show how much battery you have left. That shows a dedication to useful innovation, not penny pinching bad decisions made in dark meeting rooms. This is the kind of small thing that demonstrates attention to detail that Apple quite frankly has dominated so far.

Consumer and Commercial Applicability
Whenever I hear that one product serves two different markets I usually cringe and jump to the conclusion that it will be mediocre at both. I also take a very realistic approach on the “consumerization of IT”, in that I believe we are a long way off until 50% of the world’s enterprises give their employees money to choose their own laptop. In the case of the Dell XPS 13, I believe that it will provide a good value proposition to both target sets. Consumers are driven by style, price, aesthetics and perceived performance at an certain price point while businesses are more interested in TCO, services, security, and custom configurability. The Dell XPS 13 provides all that. They may run into challenges with IT department and sealed batteries, lack of VGA and Ethernet ports, but then again a few IT departments would require serial ports if you let them spec out the machine completely.

Pricing and Specs
The Dell XPS 13 starts at $999 and includes an Intel Core i5 processor, Intel HD 3000 graphics, 128GB SSD hard drive, 4GB memory, USB 3.0, and Windows Home Premium. For a similarly configured Apple MacBook Air, buyers would pay $1,299. With the Mac, you get OS X Lion, a bit higher resolution display, Thunderbolt I/O, and an SD card slot. And yes, for the record, I know PCs don’t primarily sell on specs but they are still a factor in the decision. If it weren’t, Apple wouldn’t provide any specs anywhere, right?

Possibly Taking Bites from the Apple
From everything I experienced with the Dell XPS 13 evaluation unit, I can safely say that they have a potential winner. Why do I say “potential”? First, I’m using an evaluation unit, not a factory unit with a factory image. As a user or sales associate, if I start Windows and I start getting warning messages for virus protection, firewall and 3rd party software, the coolness factor will be for naught. The first consumer impression will be bad. I hope this doesn’t happen with the factory software load.

Many success factors go into successfully selling a system and creating a lasting consumer bond. Great products must align with great marketing, distribution and support. Controlling the message is key at retail. If, and I mean “if” Dell can effectively pull their messages through retail and somewhat control merchandising at retail, this will be a solid step in connecting the value prop with the consumer. This is very hard, especially in the U.S., where Best Buy rules brick and mortar. What will the Best Buy yellow shirt say when someone asks, “whats the difference between the MacBook Air and the Dell XPS?” If they say “$300” that is a fail. Retail will be important, more important than direct for Dell, because industrial design doesn’t translate well to the web. Seeing the XPS 13 image doesn’t impress as much as holding it does, so retail cannot be minimized.

I see the XPS 13 doing well in business and enterprise, again, given aligned messaging, channel, sales training and support. IT departments now have a design that is every bit as cool as the MacBook Air and arguably more productive plus the added benefits of TPM and Dell’s customization and support.

Net-net I see potential consumer and business buyers of thin and very light notebooks looking at Apple’s MacBook Air and many choosing the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook instead. This won’t just be based on price, but all other benefits I’ve outlined above. I also believe Apple’s MacBook Air sales will increase during 2012 but they would have sold more had it not been for Ultrabooks, especially the Dell XPS 13, the best Ultrabook I’ve used so far.

You can get more information on the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook here on Dell’s website.

Published by

Patrick Moorhead

Patrick Moorhead was ranked the #1 technology industry analyst by Apollo Research for the U.S. and EMEA in May, 2013.. He is President and Principal Analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy, a high tech analyst firm focused on the ecosystem intersections of the phone, tablet, PC, TV, datacenter and cloud. Moorhead departed AMD in 2011 where he served as Corporate Vice President and Corporate Fellow in the strategy group. There, he developed long-term strategies for mobile computing devices and personal computers. In his 11 years at AMD he also led product management, business planning, product marketing, regional marketing, channel marketing, and corporate marketing. Moorhead worked at Compaq Computer Corp. during their run to the #1 market share leader position in personal computers. Moorhead also served as an executive at AltaVista E-commerce during their peak and pioneered cost per click e-commerce models.

1,324 thoughts on “The Dell XPS 13: An Ultrabook that Could Steal Customers From Apple”

  1. Everything is said, It is running Windows(R), is like a ferrari powered by a hyundai motor… And again, it seems to be a copy of the macbook air .. Ultrabook? maybe Dell should rename it to Ultrabook Air …

  2. Apple’s march on manufacturing efficiencies will leave Dell in the dust. There is absolutely no way Dell can match the price/performance ratio of Apple products without becoming a non-profit company.

  3. Sure, just like the Adamo stole from the Air’s sales. Oops! The Adamo line is gone.

    Seriously, when has Dell ever taken away from Apple. Oh, right, the Ditty music player. Oops again!

    Phones? Nope!
    Tablets? Nope!

    XPS? Hardly likely!

    It seems as though writers, while competent in some field of their own, just don’t understand the market. They assume that because some company comes out with a device, it will sell. Big mistake.

    1. Historically, you’re right but I have a good feeling about the XPS. The thought process for this device is less so much “lets beat the MacBook Air” but more let’s make a great produuct.

  4. Wow. So much hate on a device from commenters who’ve never even seen this XPS 13 in real life, and criticism of someone who’s had hands-on experience. I guess the lack of objectivity is what makes them fanboys.
    I’m going to reserve judgement on the device till I’ve actually had time with it. Unlike the Ditty, Adamo and Venue Pro, this machine’s getting all around praise, and I haven’t seen that happen for a Dell PC product in years.

    1. This Dell may be a fine Windows computer. But to steal customers from Apple? Not with Apple’s satisfaction rates. It will only steal customers from other Windows computer makers.

      That not hate. That’s a fact.

  5. My monitor has DVI/RGB ports, my TV has HDMI/RGB ports. What do I do with a Displayport? How does one go about using this ultrabook with existing larger screen, like showing pictures/movies? And whats the story of not having SD card slot….

  6. Well, at least Dell is trying. But it seems game is over in the fields Apple develops. It’s like the iPod battle when the Zune came out. The last Zune was pretty good, and some say was better than its Apple equivalent in many ways, sound quality one of them. But still it failed or was pulled too early by MS. Dell should keep its MBA answer alive as long as possible and maybe it will get some traction.

    Dell is on the down swing. Does the company have enough funds to innovate into the future? Just reacting to Apple’s lead is not going to save this company. One needs foresight and Michael doesn’t seem to have this.

    (10 April) Upon reflection, Mr Moorhead, this is one of the best reviews I can remember reading. It covers points succinctly and deftly. I shall study and make notes on the craft within this article. I was too quick with my previous response. Maybe Mike actually is thinking outside the box; that is a good thing.

  7. If you’re a teacher, the Macbook Air with superior specs, performance, and Lion is $26.00 more expensive than the closest comparable XPS13-$1549 for the Air, $1523 for the Dell. Price is a non-issue.

  8. I received my Dell XPS13 (L321X) and it was DOA with a permanent battery failure. Tech support said they had to talk to the new product response team and they would get back to me in 48 hours…… not that they would ship me a new one ….. that they would get back to me in 48 hours. I called customer support and waited 45 minutes to get an RMA and tags to ship it back. I am very disappointed.

  9. Sure the XPS13 can steal people away from Apple. I am typing this right now on my wife’s Macbook Pro. I was going to get an Air because she is so satisfied with her Pro, and we love our iPhones, but honestly, I am expecting FedEx to ring the bell any moment with my XPS13. Compare the $999 Air to the $999 XPS13. You get twice the SSD, twice the memory, Intel’s latest processor, bigger screen, carbon fiber base for better heat dissipation and cool factor, 1 year of acidental damage protection, in home service, and more. If you are going to throw a Mac OS comment out there, then yes, you are just a fanboy. I have no problem with Mac OS, I have no problem with Windows. And before you even think about replying, yes, Macs can get viruses, and no, I have never had one on my Windows machine either.

  10. there’s a vent on the bottom of the laptop. doesn’t matter to anybody who uses an ultrabook on a desk, but if you were to use it on a bed, couch, carpet, etc, then that is a fatal design flaw. if it’s the fan intake, then the cooling system is starved of cool air. if it’s the exhaust, then the cooling system can’t exhaust the hot air. either way, the computer overheats. this is the same design flaw that sent so many inspiron 5150s (of 2003) to an early death.

    otherwise, it felt pretty nice when i played with it in best buy. the screen seemed dim and a bit washed out (not the worst i’ve seen, but definitely not the best), but i didn’t stick around long enough to check brightness/contrast settings.

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    In addition to registering with Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, You may need to enroll in Medicare Parts B and D which cover outpatient medical care and pharmaceuticals or you risk paying a penalty later. And you need a supplemental plan for additional coverage, Or to help you pay for out of pocket costs. That means that if you have [url=][/url] a serious ailment, There’s no limit to what you suffer from to spend for your co insurance, Which is the percentage of your medical charges that are your dependability.

    medicare insurance Part D (not forget, That’s the part for medical professional medicines) Does have a tragic threshold. That means that after you spend a certain quantity out of pocket, Its disastrous coverage kicks in. But you’ll still pay 5% of the cost of any drugs over that amount. through a high priced drug, which add up. If you are unsure if you are completely on their own enrolled, It is advisable to check with the Social Securityoffice.

    If you’re not necessarily enrolled anddon’t enroll in Medicareduring your open enrollment period, You will pay a penalty for enrolling at some future date. This penalty will occur every month you need Medicare.

    The same is true if you delay enrollment in a Part D plan for prescribed drugs. So don’t wait until you’re sick or need costly medicine prior to signing up.

    This penalty doesn’t apply for people coverage through your job. But since some employers may will need enroll in Medicare, Check with your HR split before you turn 65. It pays the various costs that Medicare doesn’t, Such as copayments and insurance deductibles.

    During your Medigap open enrollment period you can buy any Medigap policy that’s available to you, no matter your health.

    But following that, You may struggle to get one, And that could be a major disadvantage if something serious comes up and you need expensive services. If you choose a Medicare Advantage plan instead of original Medicare but decide you are not happy with it, You can leave this course within the first 12 months to join or return to original Medicare (known as a “product right”). If you had a Medigap policy before buying a Medicare Advantage plan or you bought the Medicare Advantage plan when you turned 65, You it’s still eligible to buy a Medigap policy.

    It also doesn’t cover eye exams related to recommending glasses. But it does cover eye exams with certainty conditions, Such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

    hearing aids also aren’t covered. You’ll need additional insurance or a Medicare Advantage plan to help with those costs.

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