The Opinion Cast Round Table: 2013 Predictions and CES

Steve, Tim, and Ben discuss their tech predictions for 2013 and give some insight into this years CES. We are looking forward to an exciting 2013!

As always, we would love any comments or feedback on our Opinion Cast. We want this podcast to be valuable to our readers so please let us know things you like and what we can do better. Also, if you get a chance please rate it in the iTunes store.

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32 thoughts on “The Opinion Cast Round Table: 2013 Predictions and CES”

  1. On the form of the organization of the Podcast. Reasonably Well done. I like the moderator led format, but perhaps it was a little over-moderated. Felt too rehearsed.

    I would like to see more rebuttals from people who disagree, to get to the core of why they disagree. In fact there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of disagreement. Perhaps it needed more John Kirk, which seems to have more divergent opinions.

    1. First, thanks for the shout out. Appreciated. ­čÖé

      Second, thanks for the feedback. For any one reading these words, I highly encourage you to provide us with your thoughts in the comments so that we can make this podcast even better than it is today.

      Third, I can assure you that the podcast is not rehearsed or scripted. But I understand your take. The moderator works very hard to act as a neutral backdrop so that the participants can bounce their views off of his questions. Appreciate your feedback on this.

      “I would like to see more rebuttals from people who disagree, to get to the core of why they disagree.”

      Most of this particular podcast was taken up with predictions. I think the eclectic nature of the podcast may have led to less depth and a broader approach than normal.

      Personally, I like that the show features rotating columnists in order to give it spice and diversity. What’s your take on that?

    2. “Felt too rehearsed.” As the moderator, I promise you it wasn’t. ­čÖé

      “I would like to see more rebuttals from people who disagree.” Agreed but we’re not going to manufacture disagreement. Everyone on the podcast can speak up and disagree with anyone. If you don’t hear disagreement, maybe that’s because there was none on the topic in question. I hate the idea of just throwing out “Hey – anyone disagree?” and hearing crickets. ­čÖé

      I hope you noted that, in this segment, I “challenged” the others to agree or disagree with the predictions of others.

      But I will keep that in mind as I moderate. Thanks!

    3. Well I certainly don’t want you to manufacture disagreement. Too much of the tech press seems to be aggressively chasing page views, by doing this kind of thing. Techpinions is a refreshing change where there seems to be genuine effort at thoughtful analysis.

      But podcasts are a tough nut to crack IMO, the need some entertainment value/compelling personalities, because really the written word is so much faster to absorb, and is easier to comment on, refer to etc…

      I have listened to a few different podcast at different sites, but I haven’t found a must listen one yet.

      This was the first time I notice there was some here.

      1. We would like to bring that same kind of fresh analysis and insights to our podcasts. We don’t want them to by dry but we want the compelling area to be the content by way of thoughtful analysis and thought provoking goodies not the entertainment value. That may change but that is thought right now.

        There have been some that have been more lively and spirited, it will always vary by guests. I’d love to hear your feedback on some of our past ones.

        1. The problem with podcasts is the time investment, I am unlikely to look into older ones. I can scan a text story is seconds, to determine if I want to read more and read it all in a couple of minutes.

          But a podcast is long and linear. For conveying information it is slow. It feels last century. I struggle to see a winning formula for podcasts.

          It seems podcasts need to have entertainment value, otherwise why spend 30 mins to an hour listening to what you can read in a few minutes.

          Perhaps a short debate about Convertible/Hybrids. It seems some are more bullish on these than others. Perhaps a interview with some other industry player.

          1. I agree with you there but there is an audience for more long form audio analysis. But to your point, stay tuned we have some ideas up or sleeve from an audio standpoint to address this point.

      2. “Well I certainly don’t want you to manufacture disagreement.”

        Agreed – I wouldn’t be comfortable with that either. That being said, I am always looking for areas I can play Devil’s Advocate with the other guys. ­čÖé

        A part of it is the “new” format, too. As we all get more comfortable talking to each other, I think things might get “more spirited”. I hope so anyways – those are always fun podcasts to do/listen to. ­čÖé

        Thanks for your thoughts!

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