The Opinion Cast Round Table: Blackberry Its Past and its Future

This week the topic of choice is about RIM. Our Tech.pinion columnists get together for a lively discussion about Blackberry, the company formerly knows as RIM. We explore how they got to where they are and what they need to go forward. Can they do it? Listen to find out.

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36 thoughts on “The Opinion Cast Round Table: Blackberry Its Past and its Future”

  1. I am enjoying the podcasts.
    But they need some serious work on the audio quality.
    The recording levels are too low, and voices are often distorted or breaking up. A sound engineer should be able to help you sort this stuff pretty easily, but it is one of those esoteric areas the importance of which is often overlooked.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Peter. We agree audio quality is important and are continuing to perfect the process. Skype is a pretty terrible way to do our Podcast through for those in different states, but unfortunately it is the best option we have.

        1. A big part of the problem seems to be the internet itself, which simply is not optimized for real-time audio. Streaming services can overcome the deficiencies through buffering, but the latency involved is intolerable in a voice conversation.

    2. “voices are often distorted or breaking up.” That’s definitely an issue with using Skype to get all the guys together remotely. We are actively looking at other, better solutions.

  2. Let me add a personal note regarding the sound quality of the podcast. I was in a remote location and I was making an awful lot of extraneous noise during the podcast. Shawn did a fabulous job of piecing it all together and he has my gratitude and my thanks for making me sound as good as I did.

    As an aside, I BEGGED him to make me sound smarter, but he declined saying that there wasn’t enough time in the world for him to achieve that Herculean task. Pity.

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