The Opinion Cast: The Future of Smart Watches

In this opinion cast, Bill Geiser the CEO of MetaWatch and I have a candid conversation about the future of smart watches. Bill is a smart guy and has quite a history in the connected watch business and he shares some great perspectives about the space.

In this discussion we talk about why the wrist is prime for a connected screen, the role of the smart watch, and what it may take to get smart watches onto the wrists of mainstream consumers.

MetaWatch launched a new project on KickStarter today. So be sure to check out the MetaWatch STRATA smart watch launch on KickStarter which went live today.

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Ben Bajarin

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24 thoughts on “The Opinion Cast: The Future of Smart Watches”

  1. My take on this is that if the watch is small enough to not appear too big and clunky, it’s too small to touch and read information. If it’s big enough to touch and read information, it’s too big and clunky. I don’t think the Microsoft SPOT failed because it was introduced too soon, I think it failed because it was big and geeky, and I suspect that objection will always be applied to any large watch.

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