The Opinion Cast: The PC Slumps

The Tech.pinions Team / April 18th, 2013

There are a lot of questions and raging debates about the future of the traditional PC form factor. The Bajarin’s discuss a few recent columns where they have shared thoughts on what they believe will happen going forward.

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  • Defendor

    What evidence is there of the “hefty” sales of Chromebooks?

    Others are suggesting the opposite.

    My real world assessment, is that chrome-books basically don’t exist. I don’t know a single person that owns a chromebook, or has even expressed mild interest, while it seems everyone I know owns a table of some sort (I know people with 2 or 3 tablets at home).

    • benbajarin

      I am privy to the US retail numbers. Hefty is relative to what they were in the past. But they are doing better than anticipated but still small in the grand scheme of PC annual numbers. I am working on some Chromebook growth scenarios for a forecast. Variable aside it is actually growing at a steady double digit pace.

      • Defendor

        And what order of magnitude are we speaking of? 5 digit sales, 6, or 7?

        If it is less than 7 digits, it is irrelevant and I would bet it is less.

        • benbajarin

          I’m sworn to secrecy on the numbers but it will be in the seven digits in 2013, if it stays on pace.

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