The Top Tech.pinions Columns of 2011

As we bring 2011 to a close we thought we would share the top five most popular columns of 2011. Even though our technology opinion column based website is only 6 month’s old, many of our columns made it around the webosphere. So here are the top five Tech.pinions columns of 2011

1. Why Google Should Buy Motorola
At the time, we simply wrote a theoretical analysis of all the reason why Google should buy Motorola and the benefit such an acquisition would bring to both companies. Turns out five days later, Google did actually purchase Motorola.

2. Why Google and Microsoft Hate Siri
Siri’s potential impact on search is the subject of this column. The potential impact to Google and Microsoft in terms of search is analyzed as well. This was also the most commented on article of the year.

3. Why We Witnessed History at the iPhone 4S Launch
History isn’t made every day. Seems like the past few years have been history by themselves. Looking at some of the ways Siri could impact the future as an inflection point for today.

4. Nuance Exec on iPhone, 4S, Siri, and the Future of Speech
A great interview with Vladimir Sejnoha, chief technical officer of Nuance, as well as some analysis and commentary around the subject of voice and artificial intelligence.

5. Apple Will Re-Invent TV
A deeper look at how the television transforming into a platform, to deliver rich software and services, will lead to its re-invention.

There they are, the top five most read columns of 2011. Other than our very timely Google and Motorola acquisition suggestion, it seems like Apple was yet again a hot topic in 2011. Looking forward to seeing what 2012 will bring!

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