Video Analysis: Mac vs. PC With Some iPad Help

on October 14, 2014

Thanks for the feedback on my last Padcast on Xiaomi. This will likely be the last one I do for free for a while. I will do more of these for our subscribers on key industry points. If you liked these and are not a subscriber I encourage you to subscribe to our industry insider analysis service.

In this video analysis/padcast I took a look at some data related to growth rates of the PC industry and the Mac. I added some points, I think are interesting, about iPad’s mixed in with Mac Sales as well. If you have the Perspecive iOS app from Pixxa, then you can click this link and watch my story on the app, pause it and interact with my charts and data yourself should you please.

UPDATE: I realized after I used the wrong number for Apple’s share of PC sales in 2013 and YTD 2014. I talked through this on the last slide. This is the correct slide. Apologies.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.15.13 PM
Video length = 5 Min.